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Team Info

First line contact(s):
Must be in form of a "User:" page, like "User:Dave_o"'. This field uses autocomplete.'
A short description of what the team does.
Does not:
A short description of what the team doesn't do
Is an exclusive team:
Team members in an exclusive team only have responsibilities to this team, and cannot be involved in other teams.
The mailing list of the team (like "orga-av@lists.sha2017.org")
The IRC channel the team uses ("sha2017" becomes #sha2017)

(Not Used Yet) The deadlines for the team (separated by ;)
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Comments about the team
People needed / Vacancies:
Current team size / amount of ppl:
Contact at projectleiding:
Backup Contact at projectleiding:
How many people the team needs. Be sure that there is enough redundancy. Exclusive teams have at least three members that know all ins and outs.

Job Title:
Needed When:
For example: before, during or after the event. How many days, weeks, months before/after?
How much time this job takes in what timespan. For example: 4 hours a week, 10 hours a week. Two weeks before the event. Etc...
What skills a person must have or want to obtain. For example: certificates, or a certain passion or trait that is needed.
How many:
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Contacts for more information:
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Secondary (mandatory):
Make sure the user profile contains an e-mail, phone number or other (EASY) low barrier means of contact.

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