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Join the Logistics Team!

We need you!

We also need:

  • A list of responsible drivers (B, BE drivers license etc.).

Team Structure

Logistics is organized in subteams. Each sub-team has a primary sub-team-lead and one or more secondary ones, which can serve as replacement (e.g. during the event for 24/7 things) and/or as a kind of mentor-role. For example, if you want to learn how to organize waste management for an event of >5000 people for the first time, you can just start doing that, using the help of people with prior experience.

Efficient shopping for stuff that everyone needs (WinSCaP)
A warehouse that stores everything and is the go-to place for other teams to borrow stuff (Juerd and Maxell)
Off-site pick up and delivery (LeonH and Maeddoc)
On-site logistics (Manduca and Knorrie)
Waste management (Sebastius)
Radio Operations Center
On-site mobile communications for Teams(Wheeze_NL and questor )
Shuttle Service
Bridging the last mile (Lukkie)

The overall Logistics team leads are Juerd, Knorrie and Manduca. They make sure Team Logistics fits well into the whole SHA organization, and will handle escalations when issues arise.

The pages linked above are pages where we keep our notes about how we're doing things inside the Team.

Current team members:

How to join Logistics?

  • Join the logistics mailing list and send a message to say Hi and tell what you like to do, or ask what needs to be done. The mailing list is the place where we report on progress, document decisions that are made (it has an archive!) and announce meetings and other upcoming stuff.
  • Choose Team Logistics on your own user page (edit with form) so you show up in the list shown above.
  • If you like, join IRC: #sha2017-logistics @ Freenode. IRC can be used for discussing ideas when not meeting IRL, preventing too much chatter on the mailing list. (You might want to join #sha2017 also).
  • IRL Team meetings, which will be held regularly.

Think about how you want to participate. It's up to you to decide in whatever way you want to help. Find out what you can/want do, and then be committed to it.

Meeting info

Moar photo's and fun stuff!

You can watch a fun slide show with subtitles to get an impression of what Team Logistics will be doing at SHA. If you like watching more photo's... have fun viewing the Logistics history at HAR2009 and OHM2013.