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Logistics and other Teams


Note: the services of this team are targeted at other teams that organize the event, and are in principle not available for Villages and Hackerspaces, which should fully organize their own activities and get their stuff to and from the event/terrain themselves!


Q: Questions like: Our team needs a dedicated forklift and three dedicated golf carts!
A: Answers like: Not going to happen, kthxbye.

Q: Foo
A: Bar

Other Teams depending on Logistics

Team What
BuildUp, TakeDown, Bar Move heavy stuff around, load/unload trucks.
Villages Distribute rented materials like beer benches and tables onto the field.
NOC Dedicated golf cart.
POC Dedicated golf cart
Power Dedicated golf cart + trailer for heavy stuff.

Logistics depending on Other Teams

Team What
All Teams We need input from all teams before the event to assemble a great shopping list for shared tools / consumables.
Infodesk Needs to know everything that is relevant to visitors of the event: shuttle time tables, garbage bags and trash info.
Decoration and whoever creates booklet things Help communicate things to visitors, like how to handle waste.
? Team Maps, which decides on the layout of the terrain and which can help us doing our job better by knowing what Logistics needs are (LHQ, area for huge vehicles and storage etc...).
Villages Keep an eye on what villages are bringing and doing and how to handle removal and waste during takedown.
Power Power to charge electric vehicles and to operate a waste compactor (until late-takedown!)
Volunteers ... Warehouse, Off-site, On-site, Waste, Shopping runs, Shuttle drivers etc...

What Team Logistics Does Not Do (tm)

  • Moving visitors and their stuff on the terrain (hint: buy a foldable bolderkar)
  • Moving VIPs/speakers (speaker assistance)
  • Traffic plan for visitors/suppliers (buildup, takedown)
  • Road structure on the field, signs (maps, decoration)
  • Off-site shuttle service