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Big Rentals - Internal Orders

This is not 'nam, there are rules:

  • This page collects big items to rent, sorted per Team.
  • The numbers on this page do *not* include the "one extra to be sure" amounts!
  • This page is not to be directly edited by whoever wants to get whatever.
  • Big Rentals which are for *one* Team only are to be handled by that Team (e.g. Power, Tents). This is about combining things.
  • This is not about "klein grut" for LHQ -> Team:Logistics/Shopping.
  • We collect the items into external orders, which are sorted per Supplier.

Not in this list:

  • Portacabin complex (but we probably need to get additional things from this supplier!)
  • Power
  • Radios -> ROC can manage themselves
  • Tents -> Infra + Villages do this


  • On-site (Manduca, Knorrie)
    • B1 2 x "Forklift truck, 3 t, rough terrain (Code 12080)". Prima ding met vrijzicht mast.
    • B2 1 x "Telehandler, 9 m, 3.5 t (Code 12063)" of "Telehandler, 6 m, 2.5 ton (Code 13507)"
    • B26 Brandstoftank
    • R1 Road mats (? how many ?)
    • A6 Golf cart
    • B13 Open aanhanger (bierbanken enzo)
    • B14 Fietsenrekken
    • B37 1x lichtmast hoog Logistics Storage Area
    • B30 hekken grote logistiek terrein 50x canvas, 4x rolhek opening maken
  • Shuttle (Lukkie)
    • K1 8x person van (KAV DP10) - 2 long term - 6 from -1 day till end+1
    • K2 1x roelstoelbus (KAV DP25)
  • Waste (Sebastius)
    • A1 1x dedicated golf cart (charging when not driving waste) -> during event + teardown, not so much during buildup
    • B4 shared open trailer, during garbage runs
  • Off-site (Maeddoc)
    • KAV
      • B5 1x Aanhanger 1 as 3m3 – AH10 (B aanhanger)
      • K3 2x Iveco BT70 20m3 met laadklep en extra hoge laadbak (B bakwagen)
      • K5 1x Mercedes Sprinter 308 11 m3 met trekhaak tot 2800 kg – BK00 (B)
  • Warehouse (Juerd)
    • A2 Golf cart to bring items around? (mainly during buildup and event I guess?)
    • F1 2x Fiets to bring items around
    • B34 Fridge
    • B15 Boels dingen van Juerd -> directly done in externals page
    • 4x tafel
    • 2x stoel
    • 3x tweezitsbank
    • B35 1x licht golfkarparking
    • B36 10x hekken orga-terrein
  • ROC (Wheeze)
    • Antennemast


Contact: AK47, Wilco

  • A3 1x golf cart met laadbak (waar spullen niet uitpleuren) to drive equipment around, mainly buildup and teardown
  • F2 A couple of bikes to quickly go anywhere to fix things
  • B9 Koelkast NOC tent
  • B25 koeling
  • B38 grondboor


Contact: Moem


Contact: Twi

  • A4 1x golf cart for installing heavy or many things all over the field, mainly buildup and teardown
  • F3 bikes whenever needed to go fix things

Traffic / Parking

Contact: Cavedude, Netsmurf

  • This team is go-to place for ordering road mats.
  • B20 50 dranghekken (using flatterband, you can "extend" them even more quickly! see )
  • B21 60 event fencing open
  • B17 20 verkeerspionnen
  • B22 2x lichtmast hoog
  • U2 15 schrikhekken
  • XX Unclear to me how traffic signs are handled.
  • A7 2x golf cart 4p trekhaak for luggage service
  • B19 2x trailer for luggage service


Contact: Timo (contacted for feedback feb 15, got out of office til mar 2)

  • A5 1x golf cart, mainly buildup and teardown
  • B10 trailer for heavy stuff (dubbelasser)
  • B11 6xhek 11xgenerator (=66) Fencing (canvas) (to put around generators)
  • F4 1x fiets to quickly go wherever needed


Contact: cpresser

  • F5 5x bicycles to quickly get around on the field between all villages

Safety (Security / First Aid / Fire)

Contact: Cavedude, Brenno


Contact: Scrumpy

  • B27 licht achter bar
  • B28 hekken met canvas achter bar, 20x, 2x opening
  • B31 koelvries unit 15045
  • B32 3x steekwagentje


  • B33 koelvries unit volunteer kitchen 15045