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Big Rentals - Internal Orders

This is not 'nam, there are rules:

  • This page collects big items to rent, sorted per Team.
  • The numbers on this page do *not* include the "one extra to be sure" amounts!
  • This page is not to be directly edited by whoever wants to get whatever.
  • Big Rentals which are for *one* Team only are to be handled by that Team (e.g. Power, Tents). This is about combining things.
  • This is not about "klein grut" for LHQ -> Team:Logistics/Shopping.
  • We collect the items into external orders, which are sorted per Supplier.

Not in this list:

  • Portacabin complex (but we probably need to get additional things from this supplier!)
  • Power
  • Radios -> ROC can manage themselves
  • Tents -> Infra + Villages do this


  • On-site (Manduca, Knorrie)
    • 2 x "Forklift truck, 3 t, rough terrain (Code 12080)". Prima ding met vrijzicht mast.
    • 1 x "Telehandler, 9 m, 3.5 t (Code 12063)" of "Telehandler, 6 m, 2.5 ton (Code 13507)"
    • "De 6m telehandler lijkt geen loadindicator te hebben, wat een risikootje kan zijn. Onduidelijk of de telehandler met sideshift te krijgen is."
    • "Verder ben ik benieuwd naar andere opties die ze wellicht bieden voor op de heftrucks. Kunnen we er wellicht bij regelen. We moeten ook kijken of ze een tank installatie hebben."
    • Road mats (? how many ?)
    • Bouwhek (met zeil?), around logistics area
  • Shuttle (Lukkie)
    • 8x person van (KAV DP10) - 2 long term - 7 from -1 day till end+1
    • 1x roelstoelbus (KAV DP25)
  • Waste (Sebastius)
    • 1x dedicated golf cart (charging when not driving waste) -> during event + teardown, not so much during buildup
    • shared open trailer, during garbage runs
  • Off-site (Maeddoc)
    • KAV
      • 1x Aanhanger 1 as 3m3 – AH10 (B aanhanger)
      • 2x Iveco BT70 20m3 met laadklep en extra hoge laadbak (B bakwagen)
      • 1x Schuifzeil 29 m3 – B400+TB40 (BE trailer)
    • Optionally - depends on transporting needs, still waiting on teams. (Taking the van instead of a bakwagen saves fuel costs.):
      • 1x Mercedes Sprinter 308 11 m3 met trekhaak tot 2800 kg – BK00 (B)
  • Warehouse (Juerd) (Sent mail for feedback on logistics ml, feb 15)
    • Golf cart to bring items around? (mainly during buildup and event I guess?)
    • Fiets to bring items around?
    • Airconditioning?
    • Fridge?
  • ROC (Wheeze)
    • Antennemast


Contact: Redlizard, Attilla (contacted for feedback feb 15, will make estimate on apr 1st)

  •  ?x Bouwhek
  •  ?x Bouwhek met zeil (around terrain borders, around orga area, etc)


Contact: AK47, Wilco

  • 1x golf cart met laadbak (waar spullen niet uitpleuren) to drive equipment around, mainly buildup and teardown
  • A couple of bikes to quickly go anywhere to fix things
  • (Unclear) putting fiber in trees? How?


Contact: Moem

  • 1x knikarmtelescoophoogwerker "A scissorlift is not as useful, as it cannot reach between tree branches." also Moem says: "I have experience working with boom lifts, as well as protective gear." (Deco expects to have enough work to be using it full time)


Contact: Twi

  • 1x golf cart for installing heavy or many things all over the field, mainly buildup and teardown
  • bikes whenever needed to go fix things

Traffic / Parking

Contact: Cavedude, Netsmurf


Contact: Timo (contacted for feedback feb 15, got out of office til mar 2)

  • 1x golf cart, mainly buildup and teardown
  • trailer for heavy stuff (dubbelasser)
  • 6xhek 11xgenerator (=66) Fencing (canvas) (to put around generators)
  • 1x fiets to quickly go wherever needed


Contact: cpresser (contacted for feedback feb 20)

  • 1x golf cart met laadbak, mainly during event
  •  ?x bicycles to quickly get around on the field between all villages

Safety (Security / First Aid / Fire)

Contact: Cavedude, mtthwhggns