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* Shuttle (Lukkie)
* Shuttle (Lukkie)
** ?x 9 person van
** ?x 9 person van (tbd - weekend 18-19 feb)
** 1x roelstoelbus (KAV DP25)
* Waste (Sebastius)
* Waste (Sebastius)

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Big Rentals - Internal Orders

This is not 'nam, there are rules:

  • This page collects big items to rent, sorted per Team.
  • This page is not to be directly edited by whoever wants to get whatever.
  • Big Rentals which are for *one* Team only are to be handled by that Team (e.g. Power, Tents). This is about combining things.
  • This is not about "klein grut" for LHQ -> Team:Logistics/Shopping.
  • We collect the items into external orders, which are sorted per Supplier.

Not in this list:

  • Power
  • Radios
  • Tents


  • On-site (Manduca, Knorrie)
    • 1x Manitou Type I
    • 1x Manitou Type II
    • 1x Manitou Type III
    • Road mats (? how many ?)
    • Bouwhek (met zeil?), around logistics area
  • Shuttle (Lukkie)
    •  ?x 9 person van (tbd - weekend 18-19 feb)
    • 1x roelstoelbus (KAV DP25)
  • Waste (Sebastius)
    • 1x dedicated golf cart (charging when not driving waste)
    • shared open trailer, during garbage runs
  • Off-site (Maeddoc)
    • 2x Bakwagen ?
    • 1x BE-trailer ?


Contact: ?

  •  ?x Bouwhek
  •  ?x Bouwhek met zeil (around terrain borders, around orga area, etc)


Contact: ?

  • 1x dedicated golf cart met laadbak (waar spullen niet uitpleuren) to drive equipment around

Traffic / Parking

Contact: ?

  • Road mats (? how many ?)
  • Traffic signs for detour, for other things?


Contact: Timo

  • 1x dedicated golf cart
  • dedicated trailer for heavy stuff (dubbelasser)
  •  ?x Bouwhek met zeil (to put around generators)


Contact: ?

  •  ?x bicycles to quickly get around on the field between all villages

First Aid

  • 1x shuttle van ("ambulance") ?