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Logistics |\/|337 december 2016

Meeting notes.

  • Date: Dec 15 2017
  • Location: Revspace
  • Present: Juerd, Maxell, Sebastius, Maeddoc, WinSCaP, Knorrie

General topics

  • Location definitive? Unclear.
  • Budget, status: unknown. Juerd submitted a budget draft to Finance (update: multiple times) but we haven't seen response yet.
  • Terrain Layout: Map at for now. Not much too see yet. Redlizard says that interested people from Logistics can join map meetings to think along with the terrain layout.
  • General feeling is that the orga is silent, not much is happening. Do we need to worry? Or are things actually happening, but is communication about it severely lacking?
  • Maxell: my summer holiday starts 1.5 week before SHA.
  • Rental discussion thread on the ML, initiated by Attilla: "How to organize big rentals?" Knorrie brought up some ideas, teams need to cooperate a bit, and that needs to be coordinated. Update: during next big orga meet (Jan 28), there will be a meeting about this, to get the ball rolling.
  • It's unclear to us if Orga/Projectleiding got the message that we're not doing shuttles any more.

Planning / deadlines

  • Beginning of April 2017, every sub team needs to:
    • have a clear plan
    • be actively working together with other teams to execute the plan
    • have contracts with suppliers that are ready to be signed
  • If a sub team did not manage to get its shit together at that time, then it's the last chance to rescue it by interfering.


  • Knorrie: Ask Redlizard about map meetings
  • Knorrie: Push Team Arrival/Departure idea once more. (covering shuttles communication)


  • WinSCaP: General idea: "I they have it at one of the shops in this fixed list of five shops, you can get it". E.g. Action -> Hornbach -> IKEA -> X -> Y


  • WinSCaP: Initiate meeting WinSCaP + Knorrie to review all preparation material from OHM
  • WinSCaP: Get copies of receipts of shopping runs done during OHM, to improve preparations. (EelcoH)


  • Juerd: Warehouse tracking system focus will be on the essential functionality at the warehouse only. Everything extra is a nice to have.


  • Update (2-Jan-17): Maeddoc moves from subteam Waste to Off-site. Yay!
  • Still looking for a second subteamlead here, Vacancy is still on the orga wiki vacancy page.



  • Manduca, Knorrie: create a plan.


  • Sebastius has been gardening in the subteam wiki page, and starts bugging other teams with info and questions.
  • Plan needs to be finished. Just needs to be done, no impediments, but hasn't been done yet.


  • We have a contact at a supplier, which is very convenient. The idea is to choose the right equipment and rent everything there, so less complexity and gezeur with borrowing things.
  • Update: Zarya left the orga
  • Subteam status unclear, worrying. Nothing happened yet.
  • Maxell has a tendency to jump in to get things done.
  • Idea: ask scouting for repeaterplan and other info, because they already have a lot of been-there-done-that.


  • Who? Get the subteam active. Do something. Make a plan. Act.