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POC request form

Please fill out this form and send it to, even if you are unable to fill in all details at the moment.

We will get in touch with you at a later point, when we need more detailed information. Or just send us a (also formless) update, as soon as you have more information for us :-)

Team information Please provide us some information about your team and your estimated arrival and departure.

Team: Infodesk Team Lead: DWizzy

Estimated Arrival & Departure on-site Arrival date: 2017-08-02 Departure date: 2017-08-07

General Questions

First we need to know which service provided by the POC your team wants to use.

Does your team intent to use one of the following services?

DECT communication
Fixed phones (via SIP)
Field telephony only if implemented across teams as backup-system

You can stop here, if your team doesn’t intent to use one of these services.

Please have a fallback communication media ready for crisis-/emergency communication with other teams like Security and CERT, for the case that parts of the POC services (or services where the POC depends on) are disturbed / out of order.

Does your team require the services completely operational from arrival until departure?

Yes No, we just require the following services

DECT communication, from 2017-08-03 to 2017-08-07
fixed phones / SIP comm.,  from 2017-08-04 to 2017-08-07
field telephone, from 2017-MM-DD to 2017-MM-DD

Does your team require a dial-out into the public switched telephone network (PSTN)?

Yes No Maybe

Does your team require direct dial-in extension (DDI) numbers to be reachable from the public telephone network?

Yes No Maybe

We would like to have 1 DDI numbers for our team to be reachable from outside.

DECT communication We will provide a DECT network which should be mostly available on-site and which enables communication between your team, other teams and the volunteers. We also plan to make it usable for all visitors of the SHA2017.

Please check if your DECT/GAP handset is supported. There is a very helpful list from the EventPhone colleagues:

Please be aware of that the POC usually doesn’t provide people with DECT handsets. This means every volunteer should bring a DECT handset for himself on-site.

We will consider a separate procurement for teams (non-personalized DECT handsets for roles like on-call duties) if there is a relevant amount of additional handsets requested. If you need DECT handsets, please also take into account for it in your budget sheets.

How many DECT phones does your team intent to register to the DECT network?

We would like to register 15 DECT handsets. assuming we create a group where several angels are willing to answer calls, but not full-time (e.g. enroll at particular hours)

Does your team require additional DECT handsets?

Yes No Maybe

We would like to have 2 additional DECT handsets.

At which locations is DECT coverage mandatory for your team?

Please enter the locations here.� at the infodesk

Fixed phones (via SIP)

We will also provide VoIP-based fixed phones for teams in cooperation with EventInfra and the NOC as a replacement for landline phones.

How many - and where - does your team require fixed SIP phones?

We would like to have 2 fixed phones at the following locations:

Please enter the locations here.

  • Entrance
  • Infodesk

if money is a constraint, only a phone at infodesk is fine

Does your team need to borrow fixed SIP phones?

Yes No Maybe

We would like to borrow 2 fixed SIP phones.