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The booklet should be a mini wiki with necessary information for somebody who find itself without internet and needs some help, either to get started or with an emergency.
Also a link to the corresponding wiki for more information should be given.

This booklet is handed out to everyone on site after ticket validation.

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Welcome to Still Hacking Anyway, happy to see you!

Please take some time and read through this booklet. You might find it very rewarding, as there is a lot of practical information collected to help you on your merry way. In case of questions, you might find answers on the wiki:, or visit the Info Desk at the location on the map somewhere further down in this booklet.

SHA has been organized by your peers, friends and unknown other hackers: people, like you, who have chosen to dedicate a lot of their time to create something we can love. Please feel welcome to contribute to the camp by doing a few angel shifts or just start helping out wherever you can. Like the rest of life and all other hacker camps around the world: this camp is what you make of it, so let's have a great time together!

Safety & First Aid

In case of an emergency

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Please stay calm , mind your own safety and dial DECT 2222 or +31 622005297 on any other phone, this will put u in contact with the central post of team safety.
Please state the following clearly to the operator:

  • Your name
  • Your current location
  • The type of help you request (steward (security), fire, medical)
  • Amount of people involved
  • State of those involved
  • Any information that might be relevant to emergency personnel
  • Please make breathing room for team:Safety to do their job, please don't become a disaster tourist.
  • Follow instructions given by any member of the Safety team

If anything else fails please run to the first aid staion on orga area and notify the team


Always notify the Safety team, DO NOT CALL external emergency services yourself, because if we don't know there is a emergency and can't help you until external help is there (this can take up to 30 minutes !)

First Aid

The First Aid team will be on duty 24/7 and is housed in a tent on the main Orga Area.
Members of the first aid team who are on duty can be recognized by their high-vis green safety jackets.
The people of the first aid team have access to basic medical supplies to take care of injuries, including an AED (Automatic Electronic Defribullator) for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.
There will also be a doctor (general practitioner) on site, if u need a doctor please contact First Aid


The stewards are in charge of the camp on-site security and are on duty 24/7 and are housed on the main orga area. Members of the steward team who are on duty can be recognized by their high-vis blue safety jackets with the text STEWARD on the back. Please wear your SHA2017 bracelet at all times, our stewards may check on this.


Our Fire Marshalls are on duty 24/7 and can be recognized by their high-vis black safety jackets.
In case of a fire please try to put it out with any fire extinquisher on the field (please be careful) and immediately report the fire to team:safety via the central post by phone.

Fire Regulations

There are fire lanes on the fields, it is important to keep them free of tents and any other objects
The fire lanes are not only meant to stop a fire from spreading but also to give firetrucks reach the fire quickly.
All fire lanes are marked with barrier tape.

Cooking on gas powered equipment including gas BBQ is allowed
Note: Gas is not gasoline but butane, propane, or a mixture thereof

Harbour / Water

Even water is fun it is not without risks that you can cause for yourself or your environment. There are a couple of harbour rules that you must adhere to. Not because we like rules, but simply because we want all of you to enjoy the harbour and return home in good health. The rules are partly Dutch law and partly camp rules:

  • On a boat the skipper or so you will captain is always responsible for the safety on the boat. All external signals can only be an advice.
  • In the Harbour the Sharbourmaster (Harbour Master) is responsible. When given orders you have to obay;
  • It is everybody’s duty to do everything possible to prevent accidents from happening, injury from occurring and damage from occurring;
  • Ships need to contact the Safe Harbour Authority before entering the Harbour. You can do so through VHF Channel 88, by calling 8888 on your DECT or dialling .....
  • No undocked ship shall be anchored within 100 meters of the dock, lay lines, nets, pots or floating gear attached in areas that are used as fairways or in a position that is likely to cause obstruction to other harbour users unless in areas indicated by the harbour master;
  • Maximum speed within 100 meters of the harbour is 5 km per hour or 2.7 knots per hour;
  • No vessel should discharge rubbish, effluent or pollutant of any kind within the harbour limits. We are in a protected environmental zone. Any violation will be reported to the authorities as it is dangerous, filthy and unhealthy. Violating these rules may result in fines up to €20.500 and up to two years imprisonment. No black water dumping!
  • Water carries noise long ways so no loud noise after midnight and before 7 am in the morning;


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  • Open fire is NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the field, this means no campfires, and no charcoal BBQ
 The campgroud will be highly flammable during summer, please extinquish cigaretts etc properly


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  • Cooking: you may use gas-powered stoves and barbecue grills. Please also bring a fire-extinguisher. You can not make open fire.
  • Electricity:
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Drone flying

There is a field next to the terrain where you can fly drones. This is above flowers field, on the left where you entered the camp.

In recent months/years the drone regulations have become somewhat stricter. These rules can be summarized as:

See more at:


Written out CoC and phone numbers. Please consult our Code of Conduct.

Press and privacy

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The campsite


Please follow the signs on the road to get to and from the parking area. It is not allowed to camp on the parking area


VHF 88 will be available during the camp for communication with the Safe Harbour Authority.
Dumping black and gray water in the harbour is NOT allowed.

Dogs are not allowed on the terrain, unless it is a official guide / help dog

Only gas BBQ are allowed to be used

Nature and nearby villages

Forests, Zeewolde, Beaches, etc...

Natura 2000

The nature on and around the campsite is part of Natura 2000 (european law to protect nature), please respect nature and do not harm it in any way.


Swimming is allowed in the pond that has Griet Titulair island in it, and in the harbor or at the beach near Engelbart field. The other ponds are not for swimming because of the terrains irrigation system that is in those ponds (tube's and such) If the water quality is bad or there is not enough water due to tue drought, swimming might be limited Please do not dive into the water as it may be shallow. For your safety please wear slippers or watershoes. Be careful when swimming out of the harbor or the Engelbart beach: the Nuldernauw is very wide, very deep and very cold. Also there might be currents you are not expecting and boats on the water that won't notice you until they hear 'bonk'.


The dyke cannot be used for ANY activity, no camping, picknick etc, no buildings, projects, parking, artwork.....


Build up/Tear down

Talks and workshops

Wondering what to do during the event?


Visit a village as a guest, or be part of one.

Volunteering: be an angel

Hacker camps are always for and by hackers. We expect everyone to help each other out.

You can help for a few hours or as long as you like with any of the several jobs.

Communication & Help

The Info tent is your central point of contact. Here you can find a number of desks:

For technical questions regarding the phone- or networksystem, visit POC or NOC respectively.

Staying informed



Take a look at the map



Toilets & showers

Garbage disposal

Where to leave your garbage


Radio Frequencies

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The entropia EVE&EVE µPOC.Telecommunications provides you with DECT-Coverage thorough the whole SHA2017-Site.

You can register a personal extension online at:

After You have registered your extension, please visit the POC-Helpdesk and let a POC-Angel help You setting up your DECT-handset with our Network. The POC-Helpdesk will be located at the Infodesk

A phonebook with all participating Visitors and other important numbers, can also be found online at:

You will not only be able to call Numbers within the SHA2017-Telecomunications-Network, but also make free outgoing calls to The Netherlands and possibly some other countries.

It will also be possible to call Your assigned number from the outside World! The prefix code is +31 YY YYYY XXXX or +49 YYYY YYYY XXXX. Replace XXXX with your own DECT number.




General rules:

Need to be there

Nice to have