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Our story (statement)

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A few thousand visitors from around the globe gather 4 years in The Netherlands to share in an interest: hacking. Wwhat can we do with technology and what does it do to us? This August SHA2017 is held on Scoutinglandgoed (Scouting estate) Zeewolde in hundreds of tents with a complete technical infrastructure, kilometers [fact check mail sent to NOC] worth of network cable, an own phone network and live videostreams.

What hacking is about

“Hacking” to us can be about your own coffee maker or the security system banks use. We’re ethical and with a clear involvemnet in society. We expose vulnerabilities out of curiousity, before the bad guys do – or we hack the Malware made by criminals, to fight back and reclaim computers. During the camp, a ‘Capture the flag’ game challenges teams to hack prepared targets We are concerned about misuse of technology and the growing use of personal information by big corporations and by governments. Even so, many of use have day jobs within big IT-companies and governments. Some of us call themselves “makers”, to focus on creating gadgets, art and tools with 3D-printers, progammable parts and creative workmanship.

What we do for 4 days

We have a strong ‘do it yourself’ mentality. Organisation is done by volunteers and we try to be independent as an organisation. Besides central talks and workshops, visitors organise themselves in villages with their own workshops. A 100 people took almost two years or preparation, while many visitors contribute by taking a couple of volunteer shifts themselves.

Some talks

A rich history

Our events started when Internet was new and visitors did not even have access to it. People who grew out to be large .com-entrepreneurs alongside whistleblowers attended our events. Controversial speakers like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, founder of PGP-encryption Phil Zimmermann, [more examples please!]. For instance four years ago during predecessor OHM2013, children where playing with Lego bricks in the Family Village while an employee explained how the Lego company talked