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Interesting things:

press plan: welcoming guests

Operational manual: in advance

Press resources

  • Add a bit more information to the press statement, and a section with updates during the event.

collect press guestlist

DWizzy maintains a press list. On that list is who's accredditted. Some people are also on the guest list; other press has a regular tickets.

  • arrange parking: Stitch will arrange vouchers?

Instruction to the team

Send mails, have every team member bring a DECT phone and cell phone, talk beforehand.

Send out mail in advance

send out mail to press, with details on how to get there etc. Inspiration:


Signs at entrance for press, and at Info desk.


Thomascovenant and Sebastius have reserved a set of angel lanyards with hook and plastic pouches. Cards for the lanyards (credit card size) are in design. Will also have them rules for press.


TODO Recruit the volunteers & screen them (help from vollkorn?)

TODO update engelsystem with description, shifts, start planning shifts.

Volunteers as press guides, see:

Last resort: have some communication experts (friends of DWizzy) come in and help out.

Check for interviews

  • Refer journalists to Speakerdesk for interviews with speakers.
  • Refer journalists to the Shortlist of Spokespeople.

Collect articles & facts

check with press if they got what they wanted, and if we can check their articles (correct misinterpretations, and copy some interesting stuff in the general story).

general story: