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* Security problem? Call security
* Security problem? Call security
* CoC problem? Call Coc team
* CoC problem? Call Coc team
* Don't know what to do? Call Dwizzy (dect xxxx) or Boekenwuurm (dect BOEK)
* Don't know what to do? Call Dwizzy (dect 5550) or Boekenwuurm (dect BOEK)

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This is the 'operational manual', 'draaiboek', 'script', 'playbook' or what you want to call it.



  • Just general info?
  • prepare press leaflets & lanyards
  • coordinate with Team:Volunteers: tell who of our team is there, who's core team. Get food tokens to distribute.
  • prepping the tent & desk
    • connecting phones
    • prepare signage including Info, Press (also for entrance)
  • Give bar an instruction


  • Give basic info about transport and tear down.
  • Print out A4 with the shuttle schedule and the schedule of trains at Nijkerk station:
    • Nijkerk - Amsterdam via Amersfoort: every hour at '05 and '35 (10€30)
    • Nijkerk - Utrecht: every hour at '05 and '35 (6€30)
    • Nijkerk - Zwolle: every hour at '23 and '53 (10€20)
    • More info about transport: ns.nl and 9292.nl
  • Lost and Found

Answering questions

Many answers to questions can be found on the public wiki, or on the map. For some questions, you can defer people to the other teams in our Info tent. If you don't know the answer and think it should come from us, tell the person in front of you for a moment while you find the answer for them. The coordinator from Team:Info might have the answer. If they don't even know, they'll contact someone from the other teams.

Other teams in the Info tent

  • Volunteers: for people who'd like to volunteer
  • Villages: Villages registration
  • NOC: for questions regarding the network
  • POC: the DECT phones you can use on the field.
  • Badge: First line support
  • Ticket: suport


If someone from the press has a question, kindly refer them to the spokesperson.


Questions from those that will be speaking at SHA (including workshops etc.) can be handled by Speaker desk. Not only will they handle speaker-specific questions, they might also handle the regular questions from speakers but have their desk contact us if they can't find the answer.

Difficult questions (escalation and extra FQ)

We will provide a pad for multiple uses: https://pad.sha2017.org/p/faq

  • Frequently asked questions that are not yet on the wiki: add these to the pad, team Info will add this information to the Wiki in due time.
  • Useful remarks for other angels that come after you.
  • Questions that can not be answered immediately: add these to the pad so you or someone else can look the information up or ask the right people. Make sure you add contact info (email) of the person asking the question. When the answer has been found you can email the answer through the info-volunteers account and strike the question out on the pad so everyone knows it has been dealt with (DO NOT DELETE).


If a parent comes by for a bracelet, find one and give it to them. If nessesairy lend a pen. The box with kid bracelets should be in the storage rack. If they want a permanemt marker for writing a phone number on a arm, feel free to give it to them.


The infotent will also be the place where people can request the status of their packages. Call LHQ if such a request is placed. For more information see https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Field_deliveries

Letter of attendance

Some people need a letter for their employer to proof they went.

By Tickets & Entrance, or Infodesk? Have us validate their ID? Stamp/sign?


Acknowledge someone's sad or angry. That's not the same as agreeing with them; don't get trapped in an argument.

If someone's angry to the point of (verbal/physical) violence, remind them you're just a visitor like them doing a volunteer shift and ask them not to shout.

If they want to blow off steam or just let us know about it (non-urgent) to a better organization: write down the complaint or have them write it. They can also mail info@sha2017.org. Have them explain what they expected, how it went wrong and give their suggestion for improvement.

If the problem can't be easily fixed by you and needs urgent attention, escalate.

  • Related to another team? Contact them.
  • Security problem? Call security
  • CoC problem? Call Coc team
  • Don't know what to do? Call Dwizzy (dect 5550) or Boekenwuurm (dect BOEK)


Lost something

If someone comes to us because they lost something:

  1. Take down a description in The Book. Ask for identifiable properties (Which Proves That Thing Is Actually Theirs Once Found).
  2. Create/have them create an entry in the public wiki page https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Lost_and_Found (without the identifiable properties)

For the crocodile the appropriate forms are available. pickup between 9 and 10

Found something

Put a label on it, with day of the month and time found. Ie: 05T16:59. If possible, find a 'secret' about the object that only the owner could know (for instance: contents of a pouch, username on a device, bookmark in a book). Write the label code, a really short description of the item and the secret down in The Book.

Look through the entries in the Lost and Found page. If the item matches something lost, contact the owner and modify the page to say 'found' If the item found does not match anything that was lost, create a new item in the Lost and Found page.

Retrieving something from lost and found

Have them proof the item is theirs. By telling the answer to a secret identifying characteristic

For valuable stuff: have them identify themselves and sign off for receiving back their stuff in The Book.

Book of Lost and found

example, will be created as templates Lost & Found: Found: Secret identifying characteristic:

Retrieved: By: Signed by them:

Coordinators: Second-line support

The 'core team' of Info consists of the people that helped prepare the info desk and know a little bit more about the organisation. They're the people that introduce infodeskers (the angels) and can contact other teams to find the answers to difficult questions. DWizzy and Boekenwuurm will have radios. Full team: (📕boekenwuurm, 🤠DWizzy, mr_seeker, Stern, thomascovenant, Electrowolf (only as backup))

Welcoming angels

15 minutes before ever shift, after checking if both volunteers are here:

  • Showing this operational manual
  • Showing the lost & found book
  • teach to use the computah
  • check up to see how they're doing. If they need some help, we stick around more to help them.
  • point them at the drinks in Heaven

Saying goodbye to angels

At the end of their shift: We evaluate how things went and what questions are open, thank, ask if they'd like to do another shift (if we want them to) and send them off with a food coupon.

Finding new answers

When the answer to a question hasn't been found, we use the Secret List of teams to contact them and try to get an answer from them. We check the info-desk-pad for open questions.

Opening up and closing shop

at 10:00 we open the Info tent together with the other desks, boot up the computer and all. In the evening, we close off and hand off the lost & found to Security. Drop the lost and found off in the stewards tent.

Getting extra help

When its really busy, we might ask Volunteers to get us a third helpdesker.

Incident management

If there's a larger-scale incident (calamity), we either get questions from visitors first, or the event management will notify the Info team. If you get the impression from visitors something is wrong, notify the Info team, they'll contact Event management. Boekenwuurm, DWizzy, mr_seeker will get on site; Boekenwuurm will handle the media, mr_seeker angels, DWizzy press.

We'll hold of giving a statement but will tell people: "We're aware of the situation and handling it. We will update you with more information soon." Ask people for their patience, recognise their uncertainty.

Press/publication of incident statement

as soon as the statement by Event management team is there:

  • on the website
    This page has a TODO

Press will get the same info. Practicall quesetions will still be answered, but questions about the situation will only be answered as soon as the info is available (the Info team will get the info).

Outside opening hours

The main bar will have a folder/booklet with the FAQ. In urgent cases, they can call our back-office.

We will leave a poster on the front of our tent directing to the main bar.

Planning during event

When What Who
day -2 (Tue 1 Aug)
11:00-18:00 Buildup of Infodesk 🤠DWizzy
day -1 (Wed 2 Aug)
all day running around, finalising stuff
Village build-up: from 12:00.
🤠DWizzy, 📕boekenwuurm
18:00-ish team Bootup meeting (iCal🗓)
day 0 (Thu 3 Aug)
10:30-13:00 Coordinator
12:00 access for visitors
12:30-16:00 Coordinator 🤠DWizzy
15:30-19:00 Coordinator 📕boekenwuurm/Stern
18:30-22:00 Coordinator Stern
21:30-00:30 Coordinator Stern
day 1 (Fri 4 Aug)
09:30-13:00 Coordinator 📕boekenwuurm
12:30-16:00 Coordinator
15:30-19:00 Coordinator Stern
18:30-22:00 Coordinator 🤠DWizzy
21:30-00:30 Coordinator 🤠DWizzy
day 2 (Sat 5 Aug)
09:30-14:00 Coordinator Boekenwurm
13:30-18:00 Coordinator Stern
17:00-22:00 Coordinator DWizzy
day 3 (Sun 6 Aug)
09:30-13:00 Coordinator
12:30-16:00 Coordinator
15:30-19:00 Coordinator
18:30-22:00 Coordinator
day 4 (Mon 7 Aug)
09:30-13:00 Coordinator
12:30-16:00 Coordinator
15:30-19:00 Coordinator
18:30-22:00 Coordinator
day 5 (Tue 8 Aug)
09:30-13:00 Coordinator
12:30-16:00 Coordinator
15:30-19:00 Coordinator
General Teardown starts at 18:00
18:30-22:00 Coordinator
day 6 (Wed 9 Aug)
09:30-13:00 Coordinator
Visitors gone at 12:00
🤠DWizzy, 📕boekenwuurm
13:00-19:00 Teardown 🤠DWizzy, 📕boekenwuurm
day 7 (Thu 10 Aug)
15:00 Tent Teardown


First line of defence against not knowing.

day 0-1: two shifts: 10h-13h, 13-16, 16-19,19-22, 22-24
day 2-5: two shifts: 10-13, 13-16, 16-19,19-22

location: infodesk