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The booklet should be a mini wiki with necessary information for somebody who find itself without internet and needs some help, either to get started or with an emergency.
Also a link to the corresponding wiki for more information should be given.

This booklet is handed out to everyone on site after ticket validation.


Welcome to Still Hacking Anyway, happy to see you!

Please take some time and read through this booklet. You might find it very rewarding, as there is a lot of practical information collected to help you on your merry way. In case of questions, you might find answers on the wiki:, or visit the Info Desk at the location on the map somewhere further down in this booklet.

SHA has been organized by your peers, friends and unknown other hackers: people, like you, who have chosen to dedicate a lot of their time to create something we can love. Please feel welcome to contribute to the camp by doing a few angel shifts or just start helping out wherever you can. Like the rest of life and all other hacker camps around the world: this camp is what you make of it, so let's have a great time together!

Safety & First Aid

In case of an emergency

This page has a TODO

Add emergency procedure. Make sure this info is correct, short and understandable


This page has a TODO

Add huisregels


This page has a TODO

check with Projectleiding

  • Fire: you may use gas-powered stoves and barbecue grills. Please also bring a fire-extinguisher. You can not make open fire.
  • Electricity:
    This page has a TODO

How much power can people draw? Earthing?

Drone flying

There is a field next to the terrain where you can fly drones. This is above flowers field, on the left where you entered the camp.

In recent months/years the drone regulations have become somewhat stricter. These rules can be summarized as:

See more at:


Written out CoC and phone numbers. Please consult our Code of Conduct.

Press and privacy

This page has a TODO

will link to the Press pages

The campsite



Nature and nearby villages

Forests, Zeewolde, Beaches, etc...


Build up/Tear down

Talks and workshops

Wondering what to do during the event?


Visit a village as a guest, or be part of one.

Volunteering: be an angel

Hacker camps are always for and by hackers. We expect everyone to help each other out.

You can help for a few hours or as long as you like with any of the several jobs.

Communication & Help

The Info tent is your central point of contact. Here you can find a number of desks:

For technical questions regarding the phone- or networksystem, visit POC or NOC respectively.

Staying informed



Take a look at the map



Toilets & showers

Garbage disposal

Where to leave your garbage


Radio Frequencies

This page has a TODO

create table of frequencies used by the event






General rules:

Need to be there

Nice to have