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Procedure for Declaration costs

  1. Make sure the expense is approved by the team lead and/or projectleiding
  2. . Pay the amount from your own bank account/credit card/etc.
  3. . Fill out this form completely and sign it
  4. . Make sure that the entire form is readable
  5. . Illegible documents are rejected
  6. . Expense has to be done within 30 days
  7. . Scan the form together with the corresponding receipts (in color)
  8. . Handwritten receipts are not accepted
  9. . Combine everything in one PDF
  10. . E-mail this to and send us your scan
  11. . You’ll receive a response by e-mail
  12. . When your request has been handled, it will be paid to your bank account asap

Procedure payment in advance (during the event)

  1. . Contact team-finance
  2. . Advance payments shall only take place within the portocabin complex.
  3. . Notification of reason for the payment in advance. Is it necessary.
  4. . Provide an indication of how much it will cost. Where is the indication based on.
  5. . Fill in the form payment in advance and sign it.
  6. . The payment in advance is granted
  7. . After purchasing the goods / services, the receipt must be returned to Team-Finance with the remainder of the advance. Handwritten notes are not accepted.

Procedure event-coin (during the event)

  1. . The coinvending-machines wil be emptied en re-stocked every 6 to 8 hrs.
  2. . During the re-stocking the teammember of finance will be accompanied by someone of team safety.
  3. . If the machines are empty earlier of have a defect, you can contact team finance on dect phonenr 6669(mony).
  4. . After every re-stocking of the event-coins we'll administrate the amounts of event-coins which are putten in the machine.
  5. . The collected cash of the cash-registers will be administrated by date, time and amount.
  6. . The coin collecting bins at the bar will be emptied every 4 to 6 hrs. Also here will team finance be accompanied by a teammember of safety.
  7. . In case that the collecting bins needs to be emptied earlier, teambar can contact team finance on dect phonenr. 6669 (mony)

Procedure counting coins

  1. . The foodvendors will receive at the start of SHA2017 an amount of event-coins intended for change.
  2. . They need to fill in a cash receipt, sign it and give it to team finance.
  3. . The amount of event-coins will be corrected at the first deposit at team finance.
  4. . The foodvendors have 2 times per day when they can deposit their event-coins of their sales. The Times are 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  5. . The foodvendors will bring their coins to the finance-porto cabin.
  6. . the foodvendors will give team finance an estimate of their sales of the coins they are depositing. For this they'll get a form to fill in.
  7. . Team finance is going to count the coins after all the foodvendors have left the portocabin.
  8. . On the next depositing time they will receive the final result of the counted coins.
  9. . Payment will be made the latest, 10 working days after the end of SHA2017 (8-8-2017).
  10. . The counted amounts will be administrated by date and depositing time.
  11. . After every coin-collection of team bar, the content of the coin-collecting bins will be counted.
  12. . The results will be administrated by date and collecting time.