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Family Village


Fun in the Boole field



Get hundreds and hundreds of bamboo-rods (like the ones used in the garden and a LOT of rubber bands like the mailman uses). Fun for everyone, awesome to build big structures and huts. Suggested volume: at least 1000 sticks, 10kg rubber bands


- find a vendor and request an quatation

- find the best price quality

- make sure the stuff is delivered on time at SHA

Fizzy Foaming Car Wash

For the really young ones. Low table, dish-soap (ECO) and bakingsoda with a little bit of water. Make fizzy foam for all toy cars to get clean


- find a vendor and buy the stuff

- make sure the stuff is delivered on time at SHA

Squirt gun painting

Make paintings with waterpaint, using a squirt gun

Glow in the dark chalk

Late night activity

WaterBalloon Paint War

Mud Painting


free play with lego

Board games/cards/UNO

Bouncy castle

Ball pool

Sand pool

Garden sprayer

Second hands children books

Workshops / content

Workshops Networking and a workshop RADIX/binary/representation

  • with Kirils


  • Contact Kirils via network. Find out if he is able/willing to do the workshop

Learning to build/disassamble a PC


  • Find someone who is willing/capable to teach kids to build/disassamble PC's

Hack in the class

  • with -Fish


  • Sigyn is in contact with -Fish

Making a jewelery from waste/garbage

  • with Carola


Morse Code ]V[

with Martijn and his father

Workshops with 4.pip

learn programming and lot of nice workshops for children with Paula and Stijn

Workshop Snapcircut

with Jilles and Jurre

Coding workshop

Learning 1337

Learning more about Encryption and Cryptography

Programming lego (Harm)

Lego mindstorms programmeren with Harm

Talking about privacy, strong passwords and savety when using the internet in general

Todo's in general

Make sure we make an overview of costs per activity/workshop. Projectleiding needs a document for all the costs. Sigyn is taking care of completing te document