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1st line contacts: polyfloyd, Moem
  • Street indication (follow the lights)
  • Street names / signs
  • Main gate (+lights)
  • The design language and visual style of the physical part of the event
  • Large-ish decor pieces throughout the terrain
  • Art-net infra + operation center
  • Renting/buying data cables and equipment for our team
  • Provide the tools and materials in the On-site Factory
  • Build the analog decoration (preferably before the event starts)
  • Decorate the tents (NOT the stages)
Does not:
  • Design the logo or website
  • Provide iteral streetlights (i.e. we make roads visible, but don't guarantee that you won't stumble)
  • Provide building/lighting on stage, but we can provide decoration for items on stage/background if you ask nicely
  • Decorate the Lounge
  • Do the physical infrastructure of our network (that's the responsibility of Team Infra)
  • Rent power-cables for everything
  • Do Wireless anything
  • Do lighting/decoration support brought by individual visitors
  • Plan the partitioning of the terrain in areas and roads
  • Provide bar and horeca lighting
  • Transport pre-fab decoration from build location to camp location
Is an exclusive team: No
IRC: #sha2017-deco
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 4
Current team size / amount of ppl: 11
Contact at projectleiding:
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Managed Vacancies:
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11 Team Members Decoratie

Hi! We are the decoration team; responsible for the appeal of the SHA2017 venue. We will be creating fantastic looking decoration pieces and awe-inspiring lighting. We have two team-leads: polyfloyd and Moem.


  • polyfloyd (floyd [at] polyfloyd [dot] net) for electronics/lights
  • Moem (moem [at] hack42 [dot] nl) for analog/signs

All Members:

  • L.exe
  • Morag
  • 8.
  • Sasha

Joining Team Decoration

  • Join our team's mailinglist and send a message to say Hi and tell what you like to do, or ask what needs to be done.
  • Create an account for this wiki if you haven't done so already and choose Team Decoration on your own user page (edit with form) so you show up in the list of team members.
  • If you like, join IRC: #sha2017-deco on Freenode. IRC can be used for discussing ideas when not meeting IRL, preventing too much chatter on the mailing list. (You might want to join #sha2017 also).
  • Keep an eye out on our mailinglist for IRL Team meetings, which will be held regularly.

We need more people! Specifically:

  • Electronics folks
  • Orga (but not too much)
  • Random helpers


  • Analog decoration (signs, billboards)
  • Lights (practical, nice-looking, hackable)


Most activities within Team Decoration will be coordinates as individual projects. Want to build something cool for on the terrain? Create a project so we can track its status!

If you require a budget: fill in the Budget Required field in the form so the team leads can decide whether to fund your project.

ProjectPerson ResponsibleStatusBudget RequiredBudget Granted
BoardMapsUser:MRQwork started300300
Cat TowerUser:Stitchabandoned3,0000
Chriet Titulaer MemorialUser:Moemwork started100100
EntranceGateUser:Moemwork started1,0001,000
FlagsUser:Moemwork started500500
Floating CD waterliliesRizoomready150150
Foodcourt DecorationStrawready500500
HeavenUser:Polyfloydwork started00
KarTent BeautificationUser:Brownsenidea500500
LEDBannerUser:Eightdotwork started200200
LecternsUser:Moemwork started300300
MegaZap9001User:Eightdotwork started100100
PixelLampenUser:SA007work started500500
Pixelflut LED wallUser:Fridgefirework started504300
SHAllywoodUser:SA007work started200200
TLClockUser:SA007work started1,0001,000
TLShruggieUser:SA007work started100100
UV artUser:Phrykabandoned50050

Add project


  • Functional lighting
    • Lights to see how the streets are (e.g. sleeves at ohm, tl's at ccc)
    • Floodlights
    • Lighting of tents from the outside, gates, trees, other structures
    • The Loon, a wacky-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man like balloon that is inflated by a fan at the base along with some lights.
  • Decorative lighting
    • Reuse the OHM2013 LED poles.
      • Needs to be brighter to be functional (or jus place more)
      • Needs to be blockier
    • Big items such as the bar at ohm, or the big OHM2013 sign.
      • A giant LEDCube.
    • Roughly 10 items spread thoughout the camp.
  • Other
    • A LEDCube
    • Make blocks that fit on shackles making literal blockclains
    • Infotent decoration
  • Possible installation: giant pixelflut projection mapping on lounge containers.
  • Assisting the lounge team with decoration inside lounge(specifically 3d styrofoam projection mapping).
  • Inform at Hack42 about storage/workspace, or something near Zeewolde: SA007 en moem
  • This has been super effective. Storage/workspace at Hack42 is secured.
  • Recruit more members: everyone

Cooperation with other Teams

What teams depend on Decoration?

  • The Communications-Team needs us for static communication (via signs) with the visitors.
    • Similarly, since Team Logistics is handling waste, they probably want some signs for this as well.

Who do we depend on?

  • We need the Logistics and Buildup teams to move pre-built decoration pieces to the venue during the buildup.
  • We need Team:Logistics/Waste to haul away the leftover bits we don't want after event.
  • We need the Power-Team to power our lights.
  • We need the NOC-Team to be able to control our interactive lights.
  • We need the Maps-Team for the partitioning plan for the terrain to estimate how much and what we need design.
  • We need the Volunteer-Team for volunteers to help create the decoration pieces.


1 Constructions via scouting  ???
2 Lights via 'blinkenlights', would cut lighting expenses by 10-15K 0
3 Datenklo/gate decoration 5K
4 Wood for construction 2K
5 Rent of temporary storage near the venue to reduce strain on logistics 1K
6 Decoration and lighting 45K
7 Tool rent 2K

Usage Over Time