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1st line contacts: SA007, polyfloyd, Fk, Moem
  • Street indication (follow the lights)
  • Street names / signs
  • Main gate (+lights)
  • Large-ish decor pieces throughout the terrain
  • Art-net infra + operation center
  • Renting/buying data cables and equipment for our team
  • Provide the tools and materials in the On-site Factory
  • Build the analog decoration at Fabrication (preferably before the event starts)
  • Decorates the tents (NOT the stages)
Does not:
  • Literal streetlights
  • The stage
  • The Lounge
  • The physical infrastructure of our network (that's the responsibility of Team Infra)
  • Renting power-cables for everything
  • Wireless anything
  • Lighting/decoration support brought by individual visitors
  • Planning the partitioning of the terrain in areas and roads
Is an exclusive team:
IRC: #sha2017-deco
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 0
Current team size / amount of ppl: 0
Contact at projectleiding:
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11 Team Members Decoratie

Team Decoration (DECO, previously LOC)

Hi! We are the DECO team; responsible for the appeal of the SHA2017 venue. We will be creating fantastic looking decoration pieces and awe-inspiring lighting. We are split up in two sub-teams with each two people as team-leads:

Sub-team Design

The design sub-team will handle the decoration of the terrain as well as the lighting.


  • polyfloyd (
  • Moem


  • Analog decoration (signs, billboards)
  • Lights (practical, nice-looking, hackable)

Immediate TODOs:

  • Think of ideas to execute.

Ideas (add ideas you want to incorporate):

  • The Loon, a wacky-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man like balloon that is inflated by a fan at the base along with some lights.
  • A giant LEDCube.
  • Reuse the OHM2013 LED poles.

Design ideas:

  • Blocks/Cubes as a basis
    • SHA is an important protocol for block chains
    • the LEDCube idea is also a cube
    • 3d print blocks that fit on shackles making literal blockclains
    • Cube deco/lights are easy to make

Sub-team Fabrication


  • fk (
  • SA007


  • Off-site (beforehand) fabrication of electronics and signing, etc.
  • On-site (at the event) fabrication of spare-parts and repairs.

Cooperation with other Teams

What teams depend on Decoration?

  • The Communications-Team needs us for static communication (via signs) with the visitors.

Who do we depend on?

  • We need the Logistics and Buildup teams to move pre-built decoration pieces to the venue during the buildup.
  • We need the Power-Team to power our lights.
  • We need the NOC-Team to be able to control our interactive lights.
  • We need the partitioning plan for the terrain from (what team has this responsibility???) to estimate how much and what we need design for the terrain.
  • We need the Volunteer-Team for volunteers to help create the decoration pieces.


Floating members: Themba (Randomdata)

Next meeting: TBD Discuss:

  • Budget
  • Scope of the factory
  • Ideas to execute