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|Does=Introduce the speakers on stage.
|Does=Introduce the speakers on stage.
|Exclusive team=No
|Exclusive team=No
|Team Size=1
|Team Size=1

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1st line contacts: WitchDoc, Nick
Does: Introduce the speakers on stage.
Does not:
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact: content@sha2017.org
IRC: #
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 0
Current team size / amount of ppl: 1
Contact at projectleiding: User:Damnlie
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Attilla
Managed Vacancies:
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3 Team Members Content/Heralds


Team:Content/Heralds will introduce the speakers on to the stages during SHA2017.

A herald oversees talks from beginning to end, he or she makes sure the audience is seated properly, the speaker is set up and the stage is ready. He or she then introduces the speaker and keeps track of the time. Handles anything that pops up during the talk and finally rounds up with the Q&A and some final parting notes.

Team members


We'll need volunteers willing to get up on that stage. Wether you've done this before or are just curious about doing it, we need you. Please let us know.





  • Update this page
  • Determine the number of heralds needed
  • Determine our (modest) requirements