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Team InfoHelpDesk will provide volunteers with needed information and small technical help (otherwise known as NOC Helpdesk). Also team InfoHelpDesk will offer its assistance to all other teams active during event, for the main purpose of doing "desk tasks". As gardeners and writers of the wiki, this offer also count upfront during the months of organizing.

In preparation of the event, Team InfoHelpDesk works in close cooperation with Team:Communication providing the community and the teams of information. Mainly by writing wiki pages and distributing info at the mailing list.

During the event we also work together with Team:NOC. Team:InfoHelpDesk is the first place to start complaining about $problems on the network.


     providing visitors with information, garbage bags, booklets, peg DHCP at the desks,
    providing visitors with information and answering questions using phones, e-mail and twitter
    tshirt shop
    updating and writing wiki pages
    lost and found
    patching dataklo's
    cable crimping spot
    NOC monitoring
    offering assistance to all other teams active during event (like, making up-to-date dect number cards, food coupons, printing jobs, et cetera) 

--DWizzy 00:06, 27 January 2016 (CET)