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Here are the stickers that where created in the "sticker war". You can of course create your own sticker.

At least 52000 stickers where created during the making of SHA2017. As a convention, order 5x5 cm stickers. But to troll, order a different shape.

Protips on ordering stickers in general: below jpeg files where the raw files used to order small stickers at The 50x50mm CarreXS format with all default options costs about 50 euro per 5000 stickers. Below stickers all have cutting margins (bleed) to match drukwerkdeal's ridiculously fast paced and soulless cutting process.

Sticker SHA stillblankanyway.jpg Still ___________ Anyway

Still ___________ Anyway. SHA is what you make of it.

Sticker SHA freespeechflag.jpg Free Speech Flag

The design of SHA is based on the Free Speech Flag. A detailed blogpost should emerge in a few days / weeks that explains a lot of the design choices and how they relate to this community.

Sticker hash.jpg HASH puzzle

The design team had the idea to make a sticker with a hash-code. When searching the hash, you'll find the SHA website. Currently you'll find both the SHA website and an uncracked hash in the hash cracker. Who will find the true meaning of this hash? :) - This sticker proved to be the most popular sticker during 33c3, with all of them gone.

Sticker postneocyber.jpg Post Neo Cyber

This logo spoofs the Dutch government formal design. They carry this design in letterheads and websites, amongst other locations. The funny bit is that both the logo and the fonts are behind a login. But of course you can find them elsewhere, for example on wikimedia commons. The logo has been altered to contain our famous shrug, the hacker glider and the most over the top cyber-slogan imaginable.

Sticker dancefestival.jpg Dance festival spoof

A very closed design made out of four hexagon shapes. Proved to be the least popular sticker when released on 33c3. It got the name "dance festival" as the logo is interchangeable with any large (hard dance) dance festival.

Sticker regardless.jpg Regardless of X, I'm Still Hacking Anyway.

Exploring the real meaning of SHA: whatever happens, no matter the weather, we're still hacking anyway.

Sticker win98 designs aesthetics.jpg SHA2017 Design Files

As there was no design for SHA2017, the moment they arrived it would have looked a bit like this. Using a e s t h e t i c s styling, the sticker also contains a reverse name exploit on both files (hence exe and bat). Opening any of these files would lead to a program being executed instead of an image or text being loaded.

Sticker cyberstate.png United States of Cyber

Sticker to make fun of the NSA. They may have an unlimited budget, but it costs nothing and is priceless to make fun of them.

Sticker tjsa.png TSJA2017

A troll sticker released into the wild on the september 2016 orga meeting. #eindeich refers to the single dyke on the terrain.

Sticker rainbow.jpg Sixthousand hackers arrested

Sixty hackers arrested was an acronym first coined on IRC on the Techinc channel. Maybe created by a bot. Given the event can have a maximum of 6000 visitors, using an intentional spelling error would be the obvious way to go.

Sticker black.jpg Still Hacking Anyway

The first sticker, simple design with the shrug for SHA. Contains a series of information on the bottom that looks like a URL. Has been dropped. The Still Hacking Anyway acronym expansion was not determined then yet.

First batch of stickers

These stickers will be available at orga meets and at the local hackerspace near you.

Format: 50x50 mm. Ordered at Drukwerkdeal, 5000 pieces for 50 euro including shipping. Font: Comic Neue, light oblique, which is too thin in many cases. Note that you need to have a 3 mm bleed on the image. So you will order 56x56 mm and get an nearly centered 50x50 mm sticker.

Sha stickers batch 1.jpg

Designs will be available asap. Faster on request.