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A list of all pages that have property "User Biography" with value "Usenet, Debian, DNS, BGP, Perl". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • User:Julia  + (Part of the Projektleitung and Content Team of Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp since about 2002.)
  • User:Vollkorn  + (Press angel coordinator at cccamp and c3 and ccc press team member.)
  • User:Melanie  + (Recovered academic. Director of Radically Open Security.)
  • User:Yeti  + (Recovering techno-optimist. Infosec person. @arjenkamphuis on the tweeters. Involved with WTH, HAR, OHM. Spoke at WHT, HAR, OHM, CCC-congres, CCC-sigint, Hope, Hack42 and many other places.)
  • User:Casdr  + (Redhead that has no idea what he's doing)
  • User:Aramosorg  + (Roadsec, Mind The Sec and Sacicon organizer, trying to create a Brazilian Village at SHA2017)
  • User:TheLarsh  + (Serving beverages to thirsty hackers since HIP97)
  • User:Anus  + (Sinds 2001 in the scene since 2009 doing orga things . .)
  • User:Nickfarr  + (Solves Problems. Hopefully interesting ones. Occasionally dances hardware across borders.)
  • User:Mo  + (Some random guy.)
  • User:Martian  + (Started with the CBS ColecoVision because
    Started with the CBS ColecoVision because it could be extended with a keyboard later... Then a C64, had a lot of fun at meetings. Started with UNIX (Ultrix) on the Vax in 1990, with Linux (SLS) in 1993. I have my own company, aYniK Software Solutions and work mostly on (embedded) Linux projects using C, C++, Qt/QML etc. Member of TkkrLab.
    ing C, C++, Qt/QML etc. Member of TkkrLab.)
  • User:Stitch  + (Stitch a.k.a. Elger is a project initiator
    Stitch a.k.a. Elger is a project initiator, he sets wheels in motion because he believes that nerd culture and knowledge sharing are the roots to a better society. Elger co-founded hackerspace Hack42, retro gaming foundation Awesome Retro and influenced conferences Hacker Hotel, Eth-0 and OHM2013 and hackerspaces Bitlair, Awesome Space and RevSpace. Elger is professionally active as a security expert performing pentests, providing security advice and trainings. Additionally he works on media archeology projects, such as the Twilight warez compilation, Braun MTV Eurocharts cd series and more.
    , Braun MTV Eurocharts cd series and more.)
  • User:Dalsmo  + (Studied engineering physics and did lots o
    Studied engineering physics and did lots of electronics/making on the side. Love Arduino and high level programming. So don't ask me how long my arrays are, because I not know and thay are usually long enought. Check out further antics at
    ck out further antics at
  • User:Aliekens  + (The Open Garage hackerspace, near Antwerp,
    The Open Garage hackerspace, near Antwerp, is in my backyard. Organized Fri3d Camp in 2014 and 2016, a family-friendly Flemish hackercamp, with 300 attendees. Have been going to camps since ~2000, organizing the Nerdhero and Open Garage villages and will be the contact for the Fri3d Camp village, helping out with the Belgian invasion.
    ge, helping out with the Belgian invasion.)
  • User:Sim  + (UTwente, DND, Virtu, Speakup.)
 (Usenet, Debian, DNS, BGP, Perl)
  • User:Md  + (Usenet, Debian, DNS, BGP, Perl.)
  • User:Byterazor  + (Veteran Nerd living in Geraffel-Village and playing with FPGAs and Linux.)
  • User:ELMo  + (_eLMo_ nieuwe schoenen!)
  • User:Mlp  + (a work forever in progress)
  • User:Meise  + (c3voc)
  • User:Ijon  + (creative thinker, public relations expert, maker, stage manager, moderator and writer by day & engineer by night.)
  • User:F0x52  + (first conference, quite excited)
  • User:Un4m  + (former ex hacker.)
  • User:Damnlie  + (
  • User:Becha  + (
  • User:Thomascovenant  + (
  • User:Ralf  + (involved in organizing events for more tha
    involved in organizing events for more than 30 years, working at hackerevents since 2005. Experienced in administration (volunteers, membershipdesk at CCC-events), feel-good atmosphere, DECT infrastructure (founder of µPOC). System analyst/aviaton consultant in the world outside
    st/aviaton consultant in the world outside)
  • User:Maxell  + (oh hai)
  • User:Bigred  + (visited the big Dutch hacker events since HIP97. A-V team member at OHM2013.)
  • User:Brabo  + (wandering the earth)