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     (I was part of the OHM2013-powerteam as well)
    • User:Hans  + (I was part of the OHM2013-powerteam as well.)
    • User:Edkikkert  + (I'm Electrical engineer and electrical rep
      I'm Electrical engineer and electrical representative (Installatie verantwoordelijke LS) with main focus on electrical distribution and safely work, inspections and changes on the installations. In my free time i'm a open-source and open-hardware geek who likes all sorts of small network and prototyping platforms like arduino, rapsberry pi, pc engines, soekris etc. The OS i prefer is FreeBSD but also Linux is i like to use. As Volunteer i work at FabLab Zeeland where we are designing and building a 3d printer (70x50x50cm) with four print heads that can be used at the same time (Kraken printhead). For the Wireless Leiden foundation i am a volunteer as network administrator for the public free wireless Nodes located in the City Leiden and surroundings.
      cated in the City Leiden and surroundings.)
    • User:Sasha  + (I'm a hacker. Love LEDs.)
    • User:Benadski  + (I'm an electronics engineer. I have been w
      I'm an electronics engineer. I have been working as a technician in an amusement park. Now working for a Dutch waterboard, building software for pumping stations and weirs. Big stuff that keeps the country moist but not too wet. :) I have >10 years experience with building, debugging and operating electronics of large outdoor machines (rollercoasters and such). I have a lot of experience in the PELV area. That's why I started (a large DC power grid for SHA2017) I lack experience with large diesel generators, that I like to learn. I own a Gossen Metrawatt PROFITEST 2 that can be used at the event.
      PROFITEST 2 that can be used at the event.)
    • User:DWizzy  + (I've been around before. Most who know me,
      I've been around before. Most who know me, know me as DWizzy with long hair. Now that I have a serious job (har har) some might also know me as Joris without hair - or that guy who's sometimes too busy for fun. I haven't been at OHM (woe me), I have been helping with HAR (mainly bar team), WTH (infodesk/core) and HAL. At other festivals, I was backstage manager or infodesk/volunteer coordinator. I'm with scouting, have my Dutch certificate for managing bars/restaurants (Sociale Hygiëne) and am a consultant in government, enterprise architecture and knowledge management.
      ise architecture and knowledge management.)
    • User:Chewie  + (IT Contractor, interested in Renewable Energy and all things OSS.)
    • User:Hvwees  + (IT guy, used to work for 10 years at the biggest cable company in NL. Until the laste merge, I didn't have to go, but I did. Now working at the second biggest cable company in NL.)
    • User:Jos  + (Jos Weyers (@josweyers) is een wereldrecor
      Jos Weyers (@josweyers) is een wereldrecordhouder in sleutelimpressie (een vorm van sleutelhacken) en in die hoedanigheid veelvuldig betrokken bij hackerevents in diverse landen. Sleutelfiguur binnen de hackerspace in Arnhem, Hack42 en vice voorzitter van Organisator van Lockcon. Binnen de scene in het buitenland bekend als “die Nederlander met die kilt”. Featured in the New York Times, gekozen tot #2 in de categorie “Hackers en Security” in the Nerd101-lijst van VrijNederland juni 2015
      Nerd101-lijst van VrijNederland juni 2015)
    • User:Askarel  + (Just a belgian evil garden gn'OHM herder)
    • User:Marjolijstje  + (Lots of experience in social media, design, journalism, media, photography, AV production)
    • User:Yashiko  + (Member of VoidWarranties (The first hackerspace in Antwerp) Member of Walking Robot (The thirth hackerspace in Antwerp) On OHM2013 I was one of the organisers of the Belgian hackerspaces village.)
    • User:Dvanzuijlekom  + (Mindless jerk who was the first against the wall when the revolution came.)
    •  + (Ocasionally does stuff!)
    • User:Peanut  + (Old hand at this - attended every event apart from GHP, and volunteered at most. So looking forward to SHA2017!)
    • User:Hp197  + (PD0OM)
    • User:Julia  + (Part of the Projektleitung and Content Team of Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp since about 2002.)
    • User:Vollkorn  + (Press angel coordinator at cccamp and c3 and ccc press team member.)
    • User:Melanie  + (Recovered academic. Director of Radically Open Security.)
    • User:Yeti  + (Recovering techno-optimist. Infosec person. @arjenkamphuis on the tweeters. Involved with WTH, HAR, OHM. Spoke at WHT, HAR, OHM, CCC-congres, CCC-sigint, Hope, Hack42 and many other places.)
    • User:Casdr  + (Redhead that has no idea what he's doing)
    • User:Aramosorg  + (Roadsec, Mind The Sec and Sacicon organizer, trying to create a Brazilian Village at SHA2017)
    • User:TheLarsh  + (Serving beverages to thirsty hackers since HIP97)
    • User:Anus  + (Sinds 2001 in the scene since 2009 doing orga things . .)
    • User:Nickfarr  + (Solves Problems. Hopefully interesting ones. Occasionally dances hardware across borders.)
    • User:Mo  + (Some random guy.)
    • User:Martian  + (Started with the CBS ColecoVision because
      Started with the CBS ColecoVision because it could be extended with a keyboard later... Then a C64, had a lot of fun at meetings. Started with UNIX (Ultrix) on the Vax in 1990, with Linux (SLS) in 1993. I have my own company, aYniK Software Solutions and work mostly on (embedded) Linux projects using C, C++, Qt/QML etc. Member of TkkrLab.
      ing C, C++, Qt/QML etc. Member of TkkrLab.)
    • User:Stitch  + (Stitch a.k.a. Elger is a project initiator
      Stitch a.k.a. Elger is a project initiator, he sets wheels in motion because he believes that nerd culture and knowledge sharing are the roots to a better society. Elger co-founded hackerspace Hack42, retro gaming foundation Awesome Retro and influenced conferences Hacker Hotel, Eth-0 and OHM2013 and hackerspaces Bitlair, Awesome Space and RevSpace. Elger is professionally active as a security expert performing pentests, providing security advice and trainings. Additionally he works on media archeology projects, such as the Twilight warez compilation, Braun MTV Eurocharts cd series and more.
      , Braun MTV Eurocharts cd series and more.)