SHA2017 orga meeting 20170603

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SHA2017 orga meeting 20170603
Name Orga Meeting
StartDate 2017/06/03 01:30:00 PM
EndDate 2017/06/03 5:30:00 PM
Where Hack42, The Chapel, Koningsweg 31a, 6816 TG Arnhem, The Netherlands


Hack42, The Chapel, Koningsweg 31a, 6816 TG Arnhem, The Netherlands


Mostly working together in and between teams. A schedule will be available later on.

Who will attend this Meeting

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Name Team Comment
User Stitch Picture.jpg Stitch Nickname: Stitch

Team: Team:Projectleiding

Role: He who walks behind the rows

HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL), AwesomeSpace (NL), RandomData (NL)

Dect: 5717

Team:Projectleiding Example comment
Gameoflife.png Mr seeker Nickname: Mr seeker

Team: Team:Projectleiding

Role: secretary

HackerSpace: Techinc

Dect: HELL (4355)

Veiligewebsite.jpg Maxell Nickname: Maxell

Team: Team:Logistics/Warehouse

Role: Warehouse Team Lead

HackerSpace: RevSpace

Dect: 6295

User Boekenwuurm Picture.jpeg Boekenwuurm Nickname: Boekenwuurm

Team: Team:Info

HackerSpace: Bitlair

Gameoflife.png Dave_o Nickname: Dave_o

Team: Team:Productiehuis

HackerSpace: RevSpace

Dect: DAVE (3283) ?

Total 26 max: 100

Attendee distribution

Below information auto-updates depending on the attendees that are signed up in the above list.

I would like to be there, but cannot

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Carpool and pickups

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