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(Who will attend the SHA2017 Meeting)
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# {{Mentioneduser|damnlie}} [[Team:Projectleiding]]
# {{Mentioneduser|damnlie}} [[Team:Projectleiding]]
# {{Mentioneduser|webmind}} [[Team:Villages]]
# {{Mentioneduser|webmind}} [[Team:Villages]]
# {{Mentioneduser|Twi}} [[Team:POC]]
== I would like to be there, but cannot ==
== I would like to be there, but cannot ==

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SHA2017 orga meeting 20170128
Name Orga Meeting
StartDate 2017/01/28 13:30:00
EndDate 2017/01/28 16:30:00
Where Revspace, Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL Den Haag


Revspace, Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL Den Haag Follow the big arrow with a P!!


Time What to do Who
12:00 Doors open and socializing or cross-team/pre-meets
13:30 Start of program, welcome Attilla
13:31 Update from PL on the event preparation, site setup, build setup, etc. Attilla
14:15 Presentations from team status (max 15min slot)
+ X Team Permit
16:45 End of meeting
Not On the BBQ list On the BBQ list
17:00 - 17:30 Pack and leave Pay for the BBQ, clear the room, help prepare
17:30 RevSpace birthday party!

Pre meet

  • 12:15 Logistics/Infra on ordering stuff

Team Presentations

After the update from the PL on general subjects, we will have a chance for the teams to give an update on what they're doing, what the status is, where they need help or where they run into issues.

Add your topic/information, so we can plan the slots accordingly.

Revspace Party

Immediately following the SHA meeting, RevSpace has its annual birthday party. Like last year, all hackers including SHA orga are invited to join the BBQ, but there's room for only 100 people.

If you wish to stay for the BBQ and the party:

  • Sign up at https://revspace.nl/Hoera7jaar asap.
  • After the SHA meeting, go down to the basement and pay for the BBQ.
  • After the BBQ, stay to help doing the dishes, etc... :-)

If you're not on the BBQ list:

  • Please leave the building after the SHA meeting, before 17:30.
  • If you like, come back after 21:00. The limit of 100 people will still be enforced, but the first people will have gone home by then.

To be clear: the BBQ and party is not part of the SHA meeting.

RevSpace is moving (this will be the last RevSpace party at this location), so please don't bring any large birthday presents :)

Who will attend the SHA2017 Meeting

Note: this is not the BBQ list. See above.

  1. Gameoflife.png Attilla Nickname: Attilla

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  2. Gameoflife.png Juerd Nickname: Juerd

    Team: Team:Logistics

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

  3. User Sebastius Picture.jpg Sebastius Nickname: Sebastius

    Team: Team:Logistics/Waste

    Role: Waste Wizkid

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Dect: HACK

    Team:Logistics/Waste (will also be busy prepping for the party, will attend as much as i can)
  4. Gameoflife.png Vision Nickname: Vision

    Team: Team:Productiehuis

    HackerSpace: none

  5. User Martian Picture.jpg Martian Nickname: Martian

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Co-Lead

    HackerSpace: TkkrLab

    Dect: 7641

  6. User Stitch Picture.jpg Stitch Nickname: Stitch

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: He who walks behind the rows

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL), AwesomeSpace (NL), RandomData (NL)

    Dect: 5717

  7. link-3DUserBenudek Benudek Could not find information about Benudek .

    Is this user registered?
    Does this user have a profile?
    Is the correct casing used in the username?
  8. Gameoflife.png ELMo Nickname: ELMo

    Team: Team:Info

    Role: N00bie

    HackerSpace: -

  9. Gameoflife.png Maikel Nickname: Maikel

  10. User Manduca Picture.jpg Manduca Nickname: Manduca

    Team: Team:Logistics

    Role: Team Lead

    Dect: 3882

  11. Veiligewebsite.jpg Maxell Nickname: Maxell

    Team: Team:Logistics/Warehouse

    Role: Warehouse Team Lead

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Dect: 6295

  12. User Boekenwuurm Picture.jpeg Boekenwuurm Nickname: Boekenwuurm

    Team: Team:Info

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  13. Gameoflife.png AK47 Nickname: AK47

    Team: Team:NOC

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

    Dect: 2547

  14. User Damnlie Picture.jpg Damnlie Nickname: Damnlie

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: the devil's advocate

    HackerSpace: Techinc, LAG, Ijhack

  15. Gameoflife.png webmind Nickname: webmind

    Team: Team:Villages

    Village: Village:Anarchist

  16. Gameoflife.png Twi Nickname: Twi

    Team: Team:POC

    Role: Team Lead

    HackerSpace: Entropia (CCC Karlsruhe), Stratum 0, Westwoodlabs

    Village: Village:Entropolis

    Dect: 8940


I would like to be there, but cannot

  1. User Hvwees Picture.jpg Hvwees Nickname: Hvwees

    Team: Team:Family Village

Carpool and pickups

  1. Gameoflife.png ELMo Nickname: ELMo

    Team: Team:Info

    Role: N00bie

    HackerSpace: -

    - Can pickup people on route Ede - Veenendaal - Utrecht - Nieuwegein - Gouda - Zoetermeer. Please contact on IRC.


  1. Your name and offer here...


  1. Your name and request here...