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# {{Mentioneduser|vollkorn}}
# {{Mentioneduser|vollkorn}}
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# {{Mentioneduser|Bix}}
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== I would like to be there, but cannot ==
== I would like to be there, but cannot ==

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SHA2017 orga meeting 20161126
Name Orga Meeting
StartDate 2016/11/26 12:00:00 PM
EndDate 2016/11/26 6:30:00 PM
Where Technologia Incognita Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam 1066 EA which is in the ACTA building. (52.34557 4.82578)


Time What to do
12:00 Doors opening at TechInc/friendly conversation/get to know each other
14:00 Start of program, welcome
14:15 Round past all teams / projects and their status. Target of 5-10 minutes. Q/A after each team
16:15 Lightning talks (more info follows, aka please mailme or ping me in IRC if you like to have lightning talk (damnlie))
17:15 A team assignment
17:40 All options for networking with other teams.
18:00 Closing and end of 'official' meeting. The rest of the program is optional.
18:30 Ad-hoc food arrangement / party starts

Location, getting there and parking

TechInc is located:
ACTA Broedplaats
Louwesweg 1
1066 EA, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Parking is free, next to the building.


  1. User Techinc.nl-piele Picture.jpg piele Nickname: piele

    Team: Team:Sysadmin

    HackerSpace: Techinc

    Village: Village:deFEEST

    Dect: 3833

  2. User Martian Picture.jpg Martian Nickname: Martian

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Co-Lead

    HackerSpace: TkkrLab

    Dect: 7641

  3. User Thomascovenant Picture.jpg thomascovenant Nickname: thomascovenant

    Team: Team:Ticket and Entrance

    Role: Lead of Ticket and Entrance, also part of Infodesk

    HackerSpace: Techinc

    Village: Village:Milliways

  4. User Damnlie Picture.jpg Damnlie Nickname: Damnlie

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: the devil's advocate

    HackerSpace: Techinc, LAG, Ijhack

  5. User Moem Picture.jpg Moem Nickname: Moem

    Team: Team:Decoratie

    Role: Pretty-upper and maker of stuff

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL)

    Dect: 6636 (MOEM)

  6. User Boekenwuurm Picture.jpeg Boekenwuurm Nickname: Boekenwuurm

    Team: Team:Info

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  7. User Bitlair.nl-kartoffel Picture.jpg Kartoffel Nickname: Kartoffel

    Team: Projects:Badge

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  8. Gameoflife.png jelena_balccon Nickname: jelena_balccon

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Village: Village:Balkan village

  9. Gameoflife.png Mc.fly Nickname: Mc.fly

    HackerSpace: Pixelbar

    Village: Village:milliways

  10. User 1sand0s Picture.jpg 1sand0s Nickname: 1sand0s

    Role: flinger of 1's and 0's

    HackerSpace: RandomData

  11. User Rolfvandekrol Picture.jpg Rolfvandekrol Nickname: Rolfvandekrol

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  12. Gameoflife.png Attilla Nickname: Attilla

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  13. User Claudia Picture.jpg Claudia Nickname: Claudia

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Co-Lead

    Village: Village:HackFaction

  14. User IJskimo Picture.jpg IJskimo Nickname: IJskimo

    Team: Team:Infodesk

    Role: Teamleader

  15. User Marjolijstje Picture.jpg Marjolijstje Nickname: Marjolijstje

    Team: Team:Infodesk

  16. User Becha Picture.jpg Becha Nickname: Becha

    Team: Team:Content

    HackerSpace: Techinc, LAG

    Village: Village:Family, UnCiv, Safe Harbour

  17. Gameoflife.png Zeno4ever Nickname: Zeno4ever

    Team: Team:Infodesk

    HackerSpace: TkkrLab

  18. Gameoflife.png Sling Nickname: Sling

    Team: Team:Volunteers

    Role: Teamlead

    HackerSpace: Awesomespace (NL)

  19. User Yashiko Picture.jpg Yashiko Nickname: Yashiko

    Team: Team:Flyingcircus

    Role: Decoration / Design

    HackerSpace: Walking Robot

  20. link-3DUserFiremonkey Firemonkey Could not find information about Firemonkey .

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    Does this user have a profile?
    Is the correct casing used in the username?
  21. Gameoflife.png berz_ Nickname: berz_

    Team: Team:Flyingcircus

    HackerSpace: VoidWarranties

  22. Gameoflife.png Warddr Nickname: Warddr

    Team: Team:Flyingcircus

    Role: Electronics

    HackerSpace: Voidwarranties,HSBXL

  23. link-3DUserSimian Blu Simian Blu Could not find information about Simian Blu .

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    Does this user have a profile?
    Is the correct casing used in the username?
  24. Gameoflife.png milobit Nickname: milobit

  25. User Knorrie Picture.jpg Knorrie Nickname: Knorrie

    Team: Team:Logistics

    Role: T34‖\/‖733T

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Village: Village:Mononoke

    Dect: KNOR (5667)

  26. Gameoflife.png Eightdot Nickname: Eightdot

    Dect: 8368 (8dot) /

  27. Gameoflife.png AK47 Nickname: AK47

    Team: Team:NOC

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

    Dect: 2547

  28. Gameoflife.png
  29. Gameoflife.png Sigyn Nickname: Sigyn

    Team: Team:Family Village

    Role: Team Lead

    Village: Village:DutchPickNick

  30. Gameoflife.png Vollkorn Nickname: Vollkorn

    Team: Team:Info

    HackerSpace: Chaos Computer Club Hansestadt Hamburg e.V.

    Dect: "korn"

  31. Gameoflife.png Bix Nickname: Bix

    Team: Team:Productiehuis

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL)

  32. Gameoflife.png SA007 Nickname: SA007

    Team: Team:Decoratie

I would like to be there, but cannot

  1. Gameoflife.png Twi Nickname: Twi

    Team: Team:POC

    Role: Team Lead

    HackerSpace: Entropia (CCC Karlsruhe), Stratum 0, Westwoodlabs

    Village: Village:Entropolis

    Dect: 8940

  2. User Netsmurf2 Picture.jpg Netsmurf2 Nickname: Netsmurf2

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  3. Gameoflife.png Benadski Nickname: Benadski

    Team: Team:Power

    Role: Powercycler

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Village: Village:tbd

  4. Gameoflife.png Dave_o Nickname: Dave_o

    Team: Team:Productiehuis

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Dect: DAVE (3283) ?

  5. Gameoflife.png Herrbett Nickname: Herrbett

    Team: Team:POC

    Role: POC Slave

    HackerSpace: Entropia (CCC Karlsruhe)

    Dect: (for sure!)

  6. Gameoflife.png Pmenke Nickname: Pmenke

    Team: Team:POC

    Role: POC Member

    HackerSpace: Westwoodlabs

    Dect: (Of course ;-P)

  7. User Stitch Picture.jpg Stitch Nickname: Stitch

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: He who walks behind the rows

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL), AwesomeSpace (NL), RandomData (NL)

    Dect: 5717

  8. Gameoflife.png Walter Nickname: Walter

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Team Member

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

  9. User Xenomatrix Picture.jpg Xenomatrix Nickname: Xenomatrix

    Dect: XENO (5668) ?

Carpool and pickups


  1. Your name and offer here...


  1. Your name and request here...

Party at TechInc

TechInc celebrates 5th year of existence. For that matter, we (techinc, damnlie here) organizing an awesome party. So dear SHA2017-orga group, please come join us. More information about it please read our wiki.