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SHA2017 orga meeting 20160123
Name Orga Meeting
StartDate 2016/01/23 01:00:00 PM
EndDate 2016/01/23 4:30:00 PM
Where RevSpace, Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL Den Haag

Protocol of this meeting:



  • greetings - 12:00
  • big meeting 13:00, (45min)
    • greetings,
      • explanation of the plan for today, asking for disagreement (10min)
    • updates from location (15min, Attilla)
    • explanation of teams (20min)
  • break of 10min
  • groups meet 13:55 (45min)
  • break of 10min
  • big meeting 14:50 (45min)
    • discussion of teams meetings
  • break of 10min
  • big meeting 15:45 (45min)
    • further topics
  • end at 16:30

The RevSpace celebrates his 6th year anniversary afterwards. For those who registered for the BBQ:

Meeting (not BBQ) participants

  1. Manduca
  2. Bart_uit_Vught
  3. Stitch
  4. shodan (new guy)
  5. mwfc
  6. Pietdv
  7. jelena + milobit
  8. 8.
  9. Kartoffel
  10. Piele
  11. SA007
  12. Juerd
  13. realitygaps
  14. dave_o
  15. Maxell
  16. Cinder
  17. trbs
  18. timo
  19. attilla
  20. bigred
  21. WebSpider
  22. Knorrie
  23. DWizzy (Joris)

BBQ participants

Registration at

I missed the BBQ list

Please beware that there is a hard limit of people in the building of 100, if you have not registered at revspace for the bbq after the meeting you will be asked to leave until after the bbq. please mark if you forgot to register and would like to stay after the meeting, so we can find a fitting location to go to during peak people.

People that want to stay but were too late to register for the BBQ. Probably relocate to a nearby restaurant until there is space in revspace again.

  1. your name here.

Meeting minutes (thanks Juerd!)

Welcome (by Pietdv)

  • pad URL on slide
  • Free-as-in-beer bread!!1 y no mate?  :) Mate is available but not free :)
  • "Is there any reason why we should further postpone this meeting?" *Unanimous NOPE*
    • Why? Someone wanted it so that people who aren't present can also take notice of what was discussed.
  • (Some info about the BBQ, etc.)
  • Announcements from Sanity:
    • Current members: McFly, Stitch, Jelena, Jeroen vd Ham (absent), Cinder (late), Robin Edgar (absent), Pietdv
    • Meeting ends at 16:30
    • Sanity has biweekly meetings (open for everyone (listen-only)) on Tuesday evenings PUT THAT ON THE WIKI PLS
    • 6 physical meetings planned this year, also open for everyone (listen-only)
    • Sanity recently agreed with IFCAT that Sanity does day-to-day management, IFCAT won't.
    • CCC loans 50k as a kickstarter; so there are funds for bootstrapping!

Update from Location team (by Atilla)

  • Secrecy level: everyone in the orga may know: Atilla will put this info on the wiki.
  • (It's a lot of work to configure a Mac for presentations with a projector...)
  • An inventory of locations was made.
  • Req: 5000 participants
  • Previous meeting, a few options were presented. Some of these turned out to be inavailable.
  • Basically, Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde is the most viable option.
  • Geestmerambacht, the location from OHM2013, is a viable plan B location.
  • Zeewolde:
    • (Aerial photo shown of terrain during construction)
    • (Drawing of terrain map shown)
    • (Drone video shown of terrain during construction)
    • Terrain can host 10k visitors
    • Scouting organization built this field themselves after lots of experience with renting terrains
    • There's infra on-site for water, sewage, fiber, and power. This should help bootstrap/buildup considerably.
    • Basic sanitary infra is for about 500 people but can scale up using rented stuff
    • Distribution boxes for fiber on the field
    • Power infra is prepared for generator inputs for extra power
    • The field has internal phone lines (24 pairs of copper)
  • Timeline:
    • asap: write up motivation letter for board of scouting organization and municipality
    • april: get an option
    • august: reservation
    • Municipality has limitation of ONE big event per year. We want to be it.
    • preferred was for Mon-Fri or Tue-Fri in first week of August 2017
    • Weekdays not possible, so will probably be ???-Mon
    • Likely dates: 4-7 august 2017, after DEFCON, after campzone. Ideal period.
  • Field pros for Zeewolde:
    • Can use their contracts
    • Evacuation and parking plans already available
    • Cooperative, enthousiastic municipality
    • Enough space for trucks, bidirectional on the main road
    • Municipality allows own non-professional security team
  • Cons:
    • Short build-up (4 days), during which max. 250 people are allowed, maybe we can negotiate a little more
    • (Discussion about 4 days being insufficient, and about unknown options at Zeewolde)
    • Short teardown (3 or 4 days)
    • No (beer) glasses allowed, unclear about Mate bottles
    • (Discussion about that at OHM, an exception was arranged for Mate)
  • We have a primary and a backup option, if you have other options, please let us (team Location) know.
  • Deadline for the Zeewolde location is April, if by April this field shows major issues, we'll need a backup.
  • The current budget is adjusted to the Zeewolde location as well.

Update from Sanitary about team organization (by McFly)

  • Realisation: last time, there was a vague notion of what teams do and don't do
  • Some of the tasks weren't obvious, and some tasks weren't done.
  • Have looked over wikis of other events for inspiration
  • Cinder is in charge of burn-out-prevention. We take this seriously.
  • One cause for over-loading is people signing up for several important tasks instead of just one
  • We're asking everyone to join one team, and one team only, if the team of choice is an "exclusive" team (bold on the other pad)
  • The list of teams is modified compared to OHM:
    • Split buildup and teardown to prevent overload. These teams do need to cooperate, obviously.
    • Infrastructure team that does power AND sanitation AND further infra; smaller job than last time because infra already available at Zeewolde
    • NOC stays
    • Communications aka Press/Radio (so classical press, and our own press/radio/broadcasts)
    • Logistics; team has already started and given presentation previous meeting
    • Lounge, djspark is here and was in charge of lounges at CCC
    • Idea: two loungish things, one chilly and one partyish (noise shielded)
    • Volunteering. One of The Most Critical teams. If this team fails, we're fucked. All other teams depend on this team.
    • Still looking for even more experienced team members (if interested, please contact Stijn or
    • We would be unhappy with unconventional/experimental solutions in this team. This team really must not fail.
    • Volunteering mostly deals with visitors who volunteer (Angels, Engelen), not orga
    • (Discussion: why not join Volunteering and Infodesk? -> because Volunteering is already pretty large. But of course the teams will cooperate.)
    • (Question: how about Heralding? Which team is that? -> possibly Content. Let's discuss later.)
    • Team "Productiehuis": Stages, AV, Video, Radio (also team Comms)
    • Team Decorations: making everything look nice except stages.
    • Possible subteam: manufacturing
    • (Idea: prefab, because of short buildup)
    • Let's try to get hackerspaces to prefab things
    • (Discussion: shouldn't Lounge be a subteam of Decoration? -> they need to work together, but lounge is a big thing by itself)
    • Content: both content curation AND speaker assistance ("speaker desk")
    • Infodesk: has all the answers for visitors, also supervises public info on wiki
    • (Discussion: NOC helpdesk separate or at infodesk? Needs to be worked out)
    • Infodesk cooperates with most of the other teams
    • Infodesk also creates info for pre-event preparations (list of things to bring, inviting volunteers, etc.)
    • Village MICROmanagement.
    • Controversial, perhaps, but safety issues are important.
    • One of the issues: guy ropes
    • (Discussion: won't be as much of an issue if there's plenty of space)
    • (Idea: Try to force villages to make up their mind before the event)
    • (Idea: Boolean info about whether village is open to newcomers, or a closed group of friends)
    • Tickets/entrance: managing the workflow of selling and verifying tickets.
    • Flightcases of CCC equipment is available if we want it
    • Cooperate with Volunteering about on-boarding volunteers during ticket sales process
    • Safety, Security and First Aid: obvious
    • Daycare/family: IS_PARENT flag is more common nowadays; we need parents for this team
    • Zeewolde has a nice area for approx. 500 people, behind the dyke, that could be used for a family village
    • Think about languages.
    • Maps and traffic
    • Bar team
    • Sysadmin team (founded)
    • Projectleiding aka Sanity
    • Finance
    • Location
      • On the way to dissolve
    • (Question: is there a POC? -> No. Who's interested in setting something like this up?)
    • (Discussion about DECT vs GSM -> team gets to decide)
    • (Question: how about food court? Part of bar? -> unclear)
    • (Question: which team does the permits? -> Sanity)
    • (Question: who does tents? -> Infra)
  • Teams are free to have subteams as they see fit
  • After this part of the meeting, we'll split up according to the new teams formation
  • The SHA-day (CCCamp15 subevent) feedback is available on dead trees right here
  • Teams should think of what they will and will not do. Sanity has ideas on this, check if it matches!
  • Teams should estimate costs/budget. Overestimate rather than underestimate.
    • Also estimate WHEN you need HOW MUCH money.
  • Teams should estimate how many volunteers they need at which point; think of overhead, and overestimate
  • We're maxxed out on the number of teams. Instead of creating new teams, things should be fit into one of the above. Subteams are an option.
  • Plenary meeting resumes at 15:15

McFly calls out the teams for submeetings

MINUTES of infrastructure submeeting

  • Team Infrastructure - no team lead yet
    • Subteam Sanitation - no team lead yet
    • Subteam Power - team lead: Timo
      • Members: benadski, Mario, need 4-6 extra dedicated members!
      • Requirements:
        • ** This depends a lot on what is available on the terrain **
        • 6 - 8 dedicated team members with at least basic knowledge of 3phase power systems
        • budget EUR 60k, including fuel, to be paid may/june 2017
        • Minimum 1 golf cart + trailer
        • rental material list needs to be finalised april 2017
      • Additional notes:
        • Will look into terrestial power (liander? windpower companies in the area?)
        • Team power is happy to support villages that want to build alternative power setups, but will not facilitate this. Maybe set up a "Green Field" with no power infrastructure?

MINUTES of Logistics submeeting

  • Team members present: knorrie, hobbybob, Juerd, x6m
  • Previous meeting ended at the topic of timelines and money/volunteer budgets
  • With short buildup we must have enough vehicles, can't have people waiting
  • We made a rough budget and we estimated at which point we need how many people
    • ½ year before event till buildup: € 28k
      • rental of Vans, Manitous, golfcarts, shuttlebusses
      • supplies
      • LHQ portacabins
    • during event: € 2k
      • Extra trash runs
    • aftermath: € 2k
      • Storage facilities, vans, fuel
    • now: 7 people
    • soon: 10 people, we hope. Still looking for subteamleads for the following subteams:
      • Off-site (deliveries, pickups)
      • Waste management (trash cans)
    • ½ year before event: 15 orga to not have SPOFs
    • buildup: 42 people
    • during event: 20 people
    • teardown: 42 people
    • aftermath: 5 people to sort out remaining goods

MINUTES of productiehuis submeeting

  • Team members present: Dave_o(dave), geekabit(maarten), hersenschim(bart), vision(oscar), bigred(marco)
  • Communication:
    • irc: freenode/#sha2017-productiehuis (voorheen #sha2017-av)
    • mailinglist: (aanvragen) ( we already had
    • mini mumble meetings: every two weeks (sunday evening 8 o'clock)
  • Deadlines:
    • januari 2017: bestellijst (point of no return), communiceren naar andere teams wat we hebben en wat we doen
    • oct/sep 2016: depenencies (track tenten, soort track tenten, grootte tenten) dus weten hoe het evenement er uit hoort te zien
  • Budget:
    • 120k ? total (voc, radio unclear):
      • 40k subtotal? a/v
      • 15k per track? voc (we dont know what is available) 5 tracks?
      • 2k? radio (again we don't know what is available)
  • Our do's and dont's:
    • don't:
      • decoratie op het podium (planten etc.)
      • radio content
    • do:
      • podium afrok (achter, voor), speaker stand podium, beamers, camera's
      • radio equipment
      • video recordings
      • streaming?
  • dependecies:
    • noc
    • tenten
    • sanity (radio license)
  • volunteers:
    • 15 full time? (depends on amount of track tents)

MINUTES of Decoration submeeting

Members present: polyfloyd, folkert, SA007

The decoration team will be split up in Fabrication and Design sub-teams

  • Design:
    • Leads: polyfloyd, (Your name here?)
    • Assessing the budget required requires more concrete plans
    • The budget for LOC at the previous meeting was 30K(?)
    • Depends:
      • Requires info from team Location to calculate costs of functional lighting.
      • NOC for infrastructure
      • Infra for powering the lights
  • Fabrication
    • leads: SA007, folkert
    • the budget will take more time, same as Design.
    • budget for the on-site factory will will be depending on the type of object we try to produce. e.t steel roadsigns or wooden roadsigns.

Things we DO:

  • Street indication (follow the lights)
  • Street names / signs
  • Main gate (+lights)
  • Large(ish) decor pieces troughout the terrain
  • Art-net infra + operation centre
  • Renting/buying data cables and equipment for our team
  • Provide the tools and materials in the On-site Factory
  • Build the analog decoration at Fabrication (preferably before the event starts)
  • Decorates the tents (NOT the stages)

Things we DONT do

  • Literal steetlights
  • The stage
  • Lounge
  • The physical infrastructure of our network (that's the responsibility of Team Infra)
  • Renting powercables for everything
  • Wireless anything
  • Lighting/decoration support brought by individual visitors.

We could get a fablab truck for the on-site factory that way we can get the complete factory in one go.

Previously known as LOC, will use "deco" from now on, mainly to avoid confusion with CCC LOC which is their Logistics team.

MINUTES of Village submeeting


Suggested contacts:

  • CCC: sva, lasse, lea (via irc)
  • WTH: ?
  • HAR: aldert(onsite), dwizzy, ?
  • OHM: bugblue?

Info requirements:

  • What can we facilitate to villages?
  • Maps of terrain
  • Where other elements want to be? (food, speakertents, etc)


  • Contact CCC village/assembly team on info (when: februari) (who: sva & co)
  • Contact dutch people involved in previous village teams (when: jan/feb) (who: to be found out)
  • Create overview of info needed/desired from villages (march)
  • Get infra team to make a wiki form for villages (look CCC for example, but more info) (when: april)
  • ...
  • Profit


  • Budget, for now 0
  • We need to chat with Aldert and Bug
  • We have conta
  • Next meeting somewhere Amsterdam TechInc
  • We interact with Infodesk/Volunteers/Logistics/
  • Make schedules for workshops / inform villages /
  • When will the villages be allowed on the terrain for buildup / teardown
  • Villages need a clear buildup/teardown plan as well.
  • Since buildup/teardown is time constrained
  • Noise / rules of engagement
  • No commercial flags? question for orga. (Free bars will be allowed ;-))

MINUTES of Volunteering submeeting

No real developments, discussion mostly covered who will be involved

Core team consists of 5-6 people, of which 3 are currently present during the meeting

  • Team Volunteering - Stijn is teamlead


  • We bespoke the role of some people that were interested in helping out, this has been updated on the teamresponsibilities pad. [ ]
  • The core volunteering team has sort of been formed: jz and downhill from the CCC, and Bugblue and Stijn. There are some people who didn't want to fully commit,
  • but do want to help: mwfc and joepie91, they are wildcards, both pre- and on camp.
  • To clarify, in my case [joepie91], lack of commitment is mostly because of unpredictable busy-ness on my end, but I can still frequently be available if I know ahead of time. I just can't *fully* commit to it pre-camp.
  • brought up s0s as well, she might get invited.

freenode #sha2017-volunteers

MINUTES of buildup/teardown submeeting

  • five days build up too little (only if really really neccesary)
  • two separate teams for build up and tear down
  • preferably other people for execution

MINUTES of NOC submeeting

  • There will be a network. Yay! ♥ noc :)
  • Budget requirement sent to Sanity
  • Suggestions that were made during CCC camp are reviewed. Most is already covered, some will be looked at, a few rediculous ones (TCP over avian carrier... seriously? rfc1149 compliance is too hard) are ignored
  • We will start with uplink contacts asap

MINUTES of Infodesk submeeting

Team contact: DWizzy

Scope and interaction with other teams


  • Booklets [with communications]
  • Website [with communications?]
  • Wiki [with communicatoins]
  • Social media
  • Responding to other channels, such as mail
  • Routing visitors to Tickets
  • Routing volunteers to Volunteers
  • Routing press to PR/communications
  • FAQ


  • Routing people, welcoming them, handing out booklets [with Ticket]
  • trying to accommodate simple needs [WHO accomodates more complex needs?]


  • Ticketing system
  • Designer
  • Desk at entrance (1 person)
  • Desk next to emergency team etc, possibly moving to the bar at night