SHA2017 kick-off meeting 20151024

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SHA2017 kick-off meeting 20151024
Name SHA2017 Official Kickoff meeting
StartDate 2015/10/24 02:00:00 PM
EndDate 2015/10/24 4:30:00 PM
Where RevSpace, Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL Den Haag


||| THe LooSeLy CoNNeCTeD aSSoCiaTioN oF HaCKeRS PReSeNTS |||

  • What: The official kick-off meeting of SHA2017.
  • Who: Everyone (willing to be) involved in organizing SHA2017, teams, team members and aspirant organizers.
  • When: 20151024, Door open 12:00, start 14:00.
  • Where: RevSpace, Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL Den Haag.
  • Why: Spreading knowledge, sticking to our beliefs, learning and having fun
  • How: A meeting with talking points, lightning talks in relation to SHA2017, forming of teams
  • E_WAT: Catch: Print "See or"


To be determined: things have not been finalized. This day might be closed off with a BBQ, which probably requires a small fee. Programme, options and facilities will be published as soon as possible.

  • Door open: 12:00
  • Start meeting: 14:00
  • End meeting: 17:00
  • Post-meeting: Food: details will be published when available. Will cost around E8 per person. More info when available.
  • Post-meeting: Hack all the things: .*

non-Team Lightning Talks

  1. Historical Context.
  2. Teams and expertise

Team Lightning Talks (/tmp/list)

Add lightningtalks to the list...

  1. Location
  2. IT Infra
  3. Logistics
  4. Finance
  5. Communication
  6. VOC
  7. Angelsystem
  8. Badge
  9. Content (?)
  10. "Solar": talk cancelled, but not the plan. Will be on the wiki soon. Info now?: ask benadski
  11. For Science!
  12. Radio/FM/++
  13. t.b.d.


As an (aspirant / co-) organizer you are welcome to join the meeting. An account, association or anything related to SHA2017 or previous hackercamps is not required.

Please add your name to the below list, or ask someone to do this for you on the IRC channel.

  1. 1sand0s
  2. cinder
  4. Stitch
  5. Robin
  6. WinSCaP
  7. cookingroffa
  8. Claudius (ChaosEvent) - need sleeping place (can be at stitch)
  9. Moritz (ChaosEvent) - need sleeping place (can be at stitch)
  10. Thomas (ChaosEvent) - need sleeping place (can be at stitch)
  11. bigshot
  12. SA007
  13. Stijn
  14. Anus
  15. Sikko
  16. Piele
  17. 8.
  18. Juerd
  19. BeCHa
  20. Claudia
  21. timo
  22. Trbs
  23. Knorrie
  24. full-hyperion
  25. Hans de Raad
  26. Metoikos
  27. Bart_uit_Vught
  28. Donutzz
  29. Walter
  30. Manduca
  31. Cyberfox (Italy)
  32. FeLiX (Italy)
  33. Poplix (Italy)
  34. Dave_o
  35. HarmB
  36. Wouter
  37. realitygaps
  38. Netsmurf
  39. Damnlie
  40. webmind
  41. N0F3ar
  42. MrS0n1C
  43. AK
  44. redlizard
  45. themba
  46. s0s
  47. polyfloyd
  48. Bix
  49. benadski
  50. PsychiC
  51. xopr
  52. zkyp
  53. Sling
  54. gioque
  55. Wilco
  56. Nemo
  57. Einstein
  58. Sigyn
  59. geekabit
  60. Vision


Some people coming from a longer way need a sleeping place. Please addyourself here if you need or have a sleeping place.

need sleeping place

  1. Claudius (ChaosEvent) - need sleeping place (can be at stitch)
  2. Moritz (ChaosEvent) - need sleeping place (can be at stitch)
  3. Thomas (ChaosEvent) - need sleeping place (can be at stitch)

have sleeping place

  1. Stitch


Welcome to RevSpace;

distribute knowledge, improve society

inclusion (non)political conference is highly valued meeting old and new people using instruments that you don't have available learning new things

organisational platform, non political gezellig! inclusion for target audience welcome people who don't know they are welcome, new people


   selling personal information
   not commercial activity
   exclusion in any form
   tourist status like burning man
   people who only consume

ground rules for what you accept make things transparent as alternative to non-political/commercial

scale of event: try not to exclude people, only sensible way to do that is to scale up scale of event must be supported by the number of people in organisation, and experience of volunteers

intended audience, connecting scenes (hackers, makers, creators), not general public size is roughly 5000

better onboarding to get more volunteers, integrate with angel system (register as angel first, then buy ticket?)

This should be a dutch event Netherlands has different relationship with law-enforcement, there is more trust on both sides. open to individuals, regardless of anything, including occupation

Should be an international event, taking into account international visitors

presentation from NSA director should only be allowed with a counterpart on stage speakers should be compatible with our values, otherwise have an equal counterpart speakers should not have a say in their counterparts

presentation from NFI was very interesting, do we want to exclude them?

do not allow neo-nazi, advocates of violence filter talk submissions for sales-pitches and other incompatible values

relationship with police has been very one sided, hackers nice to police, not so otherway around.

sponsorship is on the agenda for next meeting allow sponsors to back out


Eelco presents budget for OHM2013 which was close to the actual expenditures

insurance was underutilized, should be better next year

budget for SHA2017:

   should be set by now
   every team should contribute to the budget
   location has a big impact on the budget creation, must be set before you can actually make a sensible budget
   for teams regarding budget: aim high, it is easier to have a discussion that way


Stitch presents teams and expertise

- Teams make decisions - more than 1 person in the team should know what is going on, preferrably at least 3 people - learn from other organisations (CCC, EMF, etc.) EMF camp, Toor camp, german camp - don't be afraid to fail, dissect problem, aim for the fix, blameless. - everyone present today should be in a team - volunteers should be in a single team

if we need people in different teams to organise the communication, than we are doing something wrong communication between teams should be open, transparent and resilient communication with other teams can be a responsibility for a volunteer

without overlap it is easier to organise team-meetings at general SHA events

Feedback from SHA-Day postponed, a lot of feedback, the feedback is on

IT infra - Piele - mattronix (?) Mail, Web, Wiki is working full backup is almost done backup location will be taken care of

support for teams: - teams can request VM - infra team can setup apps - open for discussion

requests: mail to

Location Presentation will be shared

Sanity has 6 people for "projectleiding" transparency: open meetings, read-only mailinglist tries to monitor whether teams are running, where assistance is needded, glue IFCAT is the foundation, has some distance to the event ifcat and sanity members can sometimes voice their personal opinions

NOC Presentation will be shared

Communication Presentation will be shared

Needs more people contact webmind damnlie vesna?

Content not present

Logistics Presentation will be shared:

VOC explains that CCC VOC team was invited, but could not make it. That team will loan us equipment


join #sha2017-badge at Freenode

Angelsystem explains that the CCC Angelsystem is preferred, developers would like to help, could not make it to the meeting

Radio Presentation will be shared

Historical context Presentation will be shared

For Science moar science at the event with peer-reviewing, scientific track and open-access publication

AV Team needs more volunteers:

POC successor Eventphones will not be available anymore due to events at OHM. We need a successor/alternative

LOC needs more volunteers