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Category Budget in Budget out
Budget from Projectleiding 50.000
AV and lighting for 3 stage tents 45.000
Broadcasting license (Commissariaat voor de Media) 0
FM license (Agentschap Telecom) 310
BUMA/STEMRA (radio and streaming of music) < EUR 250
"Datacenter" cooling 400
Lamps loaner beamers (3x) 390
Beamer screens 2x 15
Black plastic, 1 roll 25
Video mixer / SDI amplifier 603,40
Various supplies for Radio studio like bins, boom arms, compressor rental approx EUR 300)
Shipping C3VOC to SHA from Hamburg and back 955
Additional budget for Explody 1000
Explody facility 871,20
Radio: optimod-tv 250,00
Total 51.000,00 49384.6
Diff (to spend) 1615.4