Meeting Productiehuis 20160427 Mumble Meet with c3voc

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Meeting Productiehuis 20160427 Mumble Meet with c3voc
Team Productiehuis
Name Mumble meet together with c3voc
Start At 2016/04/27 21:00:00 - 2016/04/27 22:00:00
Where Mumble
Main Subjects Two main subjects
  • Understand what c3voc has to offer for audio, lighting, streaming, video and broadcasting for stages and radio
  • Work on our objectives
    • What do we want to achieve? (scope)
    • Which teams do we need for what
    • What cool ideas do we wish to embrace
    • Extend or decrease objectives
Organizer Vision / Oscar

Raw notes: ""

Productiehuis meeting 2016-04-27 - 21:00

Agenda / Main subjects

  • Understand what c3voc has to offer for audio, lighting, streaming, video and broadcasting for stages and radio
  • Work on our objectives
    • What do we want to achieve
    • Which teams to we need for what
    • What cool ideas do we wish to embrace
    • Extend or decrease objectives
  • Only if time permits: Wiki structuring, but this is very meta. :-)


Online participants: Dave_o, geekabit, derpeter, felixs, jwacalex, masterbase, MaZderMind, raven, v0tti, Bix, bigred, vision

From c3voc: v0tti, derpeter, felixs, MaZderMind, raven, masterbase, jwacalex

Decision taken

  1. Accepted the scope of the Productiehuis team.
  2. Moving forward with c3voc to align their inventory with SHA needs.

To be decided and Actions

  1. For larger rooms at CCC conferences, three camera's were used and other video-mixers. To invest in the community and not in rental companies, SHA must consider to buy video equipment, like a third capture card.
  2. Radio recording, needs, ideas, needs brainstorming sessions. Aim is to coordinate as much as possible and explore VOC gear to be used here for streaming and publishing pipeline.
  3. Calculate recording space per tent and at SHAVOC
  4. Where to store the files after the event for 3 months (original full day recordings)
  5. Create a SHAVOC to Room communication system (could be DECT or VoIP) for direct communication.
  6. Build local video relay or remote to use the upstream bandwidth
  7. Provision a CDN. Ask Nikhef or FeM for options.

Core orga decisions and actions

  1. Heralds: Being part of Productiehuis or Content? It's not about the connection, it's about who manages and assembles the activities around the heralds.
  2. RF Frequencies and license management. FM, Microphones, TV or other transmitters, Wi-Fi, etc

Special inter-team interaction

  1. Coordinate with Infrastructure: to build a SHAVOC room near NOC.
  2. Coordinate with Logistics: Request UPS-systems for specially selected gear
  3. Coordinate with NOC: about dedicated VOC network requirements.


Decision on scope

The scope as set on the Team:Productiehuis main stage has been accepted. As per today, this is: Does=Stage:

  • stage lights
  • projectors
  • video (equipment and streams)
  • audio stage
  • desks on stage
  • recordings
  • herald organization (option/needs choice)


  • equipment radio station
  • radio license
  • recordings


  • Content Delivery Network
  • recordings

Does not=Stage:

  • the stage itself (the physical thing)
  • stage decoration (plants, etc.)


  • radio content

VOC gear

Simply put: c3voc: Does not have lighting, stage equipment, PA, nor beamers.

VOC now has 4, but will grow to 5(6) room-cases (1 camera, 1 encoder, 1 mixer laptop, framegrabber, a/v-cabeling, ip-telephone, network equipment), one audio case.

  • At large conferences
    • ATEM Video-Mixers + Scanline Converters + Scaler (Image Pro)
  • Smaller Conference
    • Frame grabbers.

In the past there were various issues with video streaming and recording; recordings were lost. Let's try to eliminate this problem.

The goal is to make very, very sure to not loose recordings again, includes Radio

  • 6 to 8 Tracks
  • Big oppertunity to have all pieces (like Stage Lightning) in one Group
  • Organizazion of Headset and Microphones
    • At least 2 Receivers per Hall: 1 Headset; 1 Handheld
  • Better have some spares to carry aroung, in case one breaks or there are two speakers on the stage

Discussion on Mixer setup

  • Plan to have Compressors, EQs, Filters for each Input
  • Plan to have enough AUX-Sends to bypass EQs
  • VOC owns 1× - satisfies all of these dependencies
  • At the CCC-Congress the Audio is mixed by House Technicians on their fixed installed Mixers

How c3voc does it: audio and video


Per hall at least:

  • Headset+tx
  • Handheld
  • 2 receivers
  • mixing console
  • laptop input


  • 2 headsets+tx
  • 2 handheld
  • 4 reveicers
  • digital desk
  • 2 audience mics per hall
  • laptop input

Video ops

  • 4 people operations.
  • Smaller tracks: 1 person per track, 1 camera, optionally audio
  • Bigger tracks: one per camera, switcher 1, audio 1.

Setup detail on Video

  • recording, streaming, mixing, etc are organized from the room and anticipated network breakdown.
  • video processed in room and streamed from the room. Can handle 3 days of de-centralized stores. Continous recording! Extra 2x 3TB disks.
  • lazy sync (rsync) to encoders for releases for all rooms.


  • Action: Calculate extra space, ~70-90 MBit/s recording * 10 hours = 0.5h TB (per day per Track) <- worst-case calculations
  • 3 months after the conference => keep original file.
  • Action: Organize a Phone system from VOC (central) to the Rooms for 1 to 1 communication.
  • Action: create VOC room. Stream from local relay.
  • Action: (later) re-check CDN broadband. 5Mbit for HD. 1Gigabit ~= 200 viewers.
  • Team:Power: UPS per room. (for encoders, projector, ...), and one for radio. Facilities should be on a generator seperate from the camping area.
  • NOC request: 1 Gigabit request per room to VOC central. 10Gbit/s. Dedicated network. Ask for UPS. Dedicated network is preferable.

When nature is calling

Think of Thunderstorms and what to do in case of => (ability to throw consumers of the network without cutting power to the tents. Ensure that the following device are able to perform a graceful shutdown:

  • Stream capture devices in the rooms
  • Beamers, as they REALLY need to cool down for 5 minutes to save the light and the LCD.

Beamers / projectors

Consider LED panels or big beamers (see stitch on rainbow island)

Radio / TV

Details to be decided; brainstorming stage for now. Needs brainstorming.


Not discussed.

Going to Orga meeting 30-4-2016

  • Bix (plans to get answer on herald question) (
  • bigred


geekabit is a bit broken (overworked, stressed out), so very limited time / energy available for the team right now. Can someone please take over as 1st line contact / teamlead?

Vision volunteers for this role.