Meeting Communications 20161201 Bi-Weekly Mumble

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Meeting Communications 20161201 Bi-Weekly Mumble
Team Communications
Name Bi-Weekly Mumble
Start At 2016/12/01 20:00:00 - 2016/12/01 21:00:00
Where Mumble
Main Subjects Scope and Helpdesk coordination
Organizer vollkorn

Team Vacancies During the Camp

Hi all,

Today i've been able to perform some work on the wiki. An important goal is
that the needs of our organization for people are more easily communicated
to a wider audience (especially everybody that visits the event next year).

It is now possible to manage vacancies for your teams. To get started, here
is a short video explaining how this works:

All vacancies end up on the vacancy page, over here:

Please give me feedback about this way of sharing how the wiki works.

Elger / Stitch