Meeting Communications 20161117 Bi-Weekly Mumble

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Meeting Communications 20161117 Bi-Weekly Mumble
Team Communications
Name Bi-Weekly Mumble
Start At 2016/11/17 20:00:00 - 2016/11/17 21:00:00
Where Mumble
Main Subjects Scope and Helpdesk coordination
Organizer vollkorn


  • vollkorn
  • zeno

Meeting Minutes

How to handle different media channels and coordinate with team infodesk?

  • We decided it's best to divide responsibilities not by topic, but by media channel. Each official channel is assigned to team responsible. On that channel it's that team's responsibility to get all requests answered etc. This might mean to forward it to other, more appropriate channels managed by other teams.
  • We gave feedback on (see the linked to pad)

We need to talk to the building team: we want a press tent. Our requirements:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • floor (so if it's raining we can still store expensive journalists cameras)
  • power
  • internet
  • DECTs and SIP (see POC request form)
  • preferably close to the entrance (so journalists can quickly be sent to us after entering)
  • size?

We should think about the events we need to generate attention for:

  • post-Congress and submission deadline
  • ticket sales start and end
  • alternative power grid (maybe 4 months before the event?)
  • the event itself
  • other events: talk to the teams what other turning points there are

We need to talk about how other teams can request stuff from us. "please make noise" is not going to work. We need some content to work with and need to figure out timing

zeno takes care of blog accounts on, so we can post content there. That blog has RSS feeds and all.

We have the press@ and news@ lists.