Meeting Communications 20160908 Mumble

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Meeting Communications 20160908 Mumble
Team Communications
Start At 2016/09/08 19:00:00 - 2016/09/08 20:00:00
Where Mumble
Main Subjects
Organizer User:Damnlie,


New Member

  • Hoverbear (Andrew) joined our team. He's from Canada and just moved to Berlin. Has experience in editing copy. Welcome!

Team Lead

  • Brenno is now devoting most of his time to the Safe Harbour Authority, but he will still be around and help out where possible.
  • Damnlie changed to Sanity, as far as Dennis knows
  • Nobody is officially leading the team right now. We'll manage, though.

Press contact

  • We already have our first press inquiries. vollkorn is going to handle these for now, but we need a process on how to handle these.
  • Dennis is going to ask the Sysadmin to setup with a ticket system behind. This should enable us to receive and respond to press inquiries.

Press List

  • Dennis is also going to ask the Sysadmin to setup a mailinglist which we can use to subscribe journalists to and send them press materials.

Collecting Press Reactions

  • EMF Camp has a nice Memories wiki page. We want to have something similar. Not an urgent issue right now, but to keep in mind.
  • Maybe wait for a public sha wiki to do so.

Press Material

We could use something we can hand interested journalists to quickly inform them about sha.

  • vollkorn is going to write some English press material. Some basic information, why you totally should join sha yada, yada. Hoverbear is going to review it and then we'll send it to Brenn for further review and translation into Dutch.
  • We'll collect pictures, videos, and other records from the past camps on our team page.

Next Meeting

  • We'll meet again same time, same day next week
  • 7 pm Thursday, 15.09.2016