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Product detailed image 1745 1620.jpg
Person Responsible User:Stitch
Status ready
Budget Required 300
Budget Granted 300
buildup from 2 aug
buildup duration 6 hours
buildup orga 0
buildup angels 4
teardown from 8 aug
teardown duration 4 hours
teardown orga 0
teardown angels 2
waste broken crocks
comments Give away this stuff to kids, let others deflate

Inflatable animals.


  • Needs a rubber boat.
  • Needs compressor.
  • Needs rope


  • Logistics/off-site


  • We have purchased:
    • 1x unicorn
    • 5x flamingo
    • 75x crocodile

A compressor or equivalent is needed for buildup. Eightdot has a compressor stored at Bitlair which can be used if it's working (needs testing!).

Howto: Buildup

  • The animals are stored at Stitch's crib. Transport to the event is needed.
  • 3 volunteers are needed:
    • 1 for inflating
    • 2 for moving the inflated animals to a pond
  • 4 hours should be enough to inflate and distribute all animals
  • Blowup should happen at the Deco workshop if power is needed
  • Connect a string and stone to a crocodile. So they stay in place. These are provided.

Howto: Teardown

  • Let visitors take them
  • If no one wants them :( we need volunteers to clean them up
    • 3 volunteers with swimming gear are needed.
  • TODO: How much time is required?