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Person Responsible User:SA007
Status ready
Budget Required 500
Budget Granted 500
buildup from TODO
buildup duration 2-3 hours
buildup orga 0
buildup angels 2
teardown from TODO
teardown duration 1-2 hours
teardown orga 0
teardown angels 2
waste 0
comments -

Indoor LEDScherm 12 m²


There are no other teams needed. The supplier specified the power as 3x32A, power draw is max 3x16A, but needs to be fused higher. The screen accepts VGA/HDMI/DVI, I'm not sure if they supply a computer.


Screen is sponsored by supplier, and for sale (by supplier).

Howto: Buildup

The supplier said they will deliver and help put the screen up. 2 volunteers needed, guesstimated 2-3 hours.

Howto: Teardown

The supplier will help with the teardown, and take the screen back. 2 volunteers needed, guesstimated 1 hour.