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Photo 2017-06-11 17-03-51.jpg
Person Responsible User:Moem
Status work started
Budget Required 1000
Budget Granted 1000
buildup from 08-01
buildup duration 5 hours
buildup orga 1
buildup angels 4
teardown from 08-08, 18:00
teardown duration 3 hours
teardown orga 1
teardown angels 4
waste 1000 liter
comments Hoogwerker needed

The gate to the SHA2017 world.

  • Entrance gate:
    • The gate will be made from scaffolding and the front will be covered in wooden boards, sawed into shape and painted.
    • There will also be a shruggie lined with 'lichtslang'.
    • The gate will be decorated with flags and can certainly use some spotlights.


  • TODO: Other teams needed?
  • Permit is taken care of.
  • TODO: Power in watts?
  • The gate needs no network.


  • Moem made a sketch and a building plan.
  • Stitch is talking to the people who rent out the scaffolding. He has drawings too.
  • Wood has been bought.
  • Gate has been designed and cut out of wood.
  • Painting is ongoing.
  • Scaffolding has been ordered.

Howto: Buildup

  • TODO: Where to get the stuff from?
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?
  • TODO: Provide instructions on how to set up the installation on the event site.

Howto: Teardown

  • TODO: Throw/give away?
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?
  • Trash volume: 1000 liter