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* [[User:Bix|Bix]] but first testing SDI cables for Team:Productiehuis
* [[User:Bix|Bix]] but first testing SDI cables for Team:Productiehuis
* Kalium
* Kalium
* Sebastius (i can also help to prep lunch, good at stuff like that, no car though so i can't shop for lunch)
* You?
* You?

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The second Team Decoration build-day.

On July 8th Team Decoration is organizing a second build-day at Hack42 to prepare for the event. We'll be needing help with painting, sawing, sewing, soldering, screwing and hacking. If you are in doubt whether you will be useful: you will be, please come!

No skill is required.

Doors open at 10:00.

This is what we build at the last build-day:


I'll be there to help!

Put yourself on the list to help us plan the work, food and drinks. If you don't have a wiki account, drop by our IRC channel: #sha2017-deco on Freenode.