Cat Tower

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Cat Tower
Regie type 001 002.jpg
Person Responsible User:Stitch
Status abandoned
Budget Required 3000
Budget Granted 0
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buildup orga
buildup angels
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A tower at the outer side of the dyke. The tower has a black cap and two giant cat ears.

Cat tower can be used to have an awesome overview of the terrain, laser over the entire field, create great timelapses and just enjoy SHA. Like the LOC tower at OHM.

It requires a "regie toren scaffolding met kap": small: large:

And additionally two giant cat ears + sha-colored spots for the black exterior. Colors of spots:

Moem suggests: have the scaffolding people put two upright poles on top, and stretch black fabrick from them to make the ears. Easy-peasy.

Would cost about 2k to build have built + materials. Depends on if there are any other scaffolding constructions. It would have stairs inside and needs a "steiger certificaat".

The only worry is when there might be a blizzard. Are there enough trees nearby? What is the opinion of the professionals?


  • No other teams needed.
  • It is required to have this structure on the permit request
  • It requires a 3600 watt power output at the top of the tower
  • It needs a switch for live imagery and $projects that take place in the tower


  • The tower requested is a standard product delivered by many scaffolding companies. They have the drawings on hand.
  • There needs to be contact with the external supplier to get a quote.

Howto: Buildup

  • Would take a truck and a small crew to build up, would take one day.
  • Buildup of the scaffolding takes 0 volunteers.
  • Creating and making the cat-style decorations takes two volunteers a few hours, this can be done before the event.
  • Managing the build of the tower takes about 2 hours of coordination and talking.

Howto: Teardown

  • Takes about two hours to clear the tower of decorations by one person.
  • The tower will be stripped and torn down by the scaffolding company.