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1st line contacts: Kartoffel
Does: Design an awesome badge
Does not:
IRC: #sha2017-badge
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 3
Current project size / amount of ppl: 8
Contact at projectleiding: User:Damnlie

Read for general and sponsorship information.


We want to make an awesome badge.

We have an irc channel at #sha2017-badge and #sha2017-badge-dev on freenode and a mailing list at

Current team members:

  • Kartoffel
  • realitygaps
  • the_JinX
  • Underhand
  • Sprite_TM
  • MarkusBec
  • Roosted
  • tsd

Our current plans and meeting notes are at

We will continue having meetings online on the irc channel once every couple of weeks for the moment.

TODO / Timeline

Deadline What Depends Who
25 March Fully test (& fix) badge hardware - the_JinX (& MarkusBec?)
29 March Final BOM Fully tested hardware  ?
ASAP, before 2 April Contact (possible) sponsors -  ?
9 April Finalize budget (ask for Kraln's help) Final BOM  ?
30 April Organize manufacturing (within Europe) Sponsor for manufacturing  ?
1 April Porting micropython Hardware  ?
30 April Firmware Micropython  ?
3 August Software & middleware Micropython Anus, realitygaps
 ? Information for booklet -> infodesk Final hardware & firmware Kartoffel


The badge should first and foremost function as a badge. A digital name tag that functions in direct sunlight at an outdoor summer event aswel as at night in a barely lit tent.

Badge functions

The idea is that everyone gets a badge that is primarily useful during the event, and also fun and easy to tinker with. The badge will be able to display information like a talk schedule, fahrplan, angel shifts.

In list form:

  • Provide information during the event
  • Talk schedule + fahrplan
  • Angel shift information
  • Information on places (tracks, villages) you're near
  • Live subtitles/translations of talks!


  • An embedded hardware programmer to help us implement a MicroPython interpreter on the ESP32
  • MicroPython app developers
  • Developers and ideas for services


The badge will be a creditcard-ish sized PCB with on it:

  • A 2.9" e-paper display (296x128)
  • An ESP32 WiFi module
  • At least up/down/left/right/select buttons for input
  • A decent-sized battery to last at least a day
  • Power regulator
  • A USB->TTL chip for programming
  • ('would be nice') Proper badge clip instead of a lanyard
  • A pager motor for notifications

At the moment we're trying to keep the budget for the badge below €20, which is still quite a lot of money. Sponsoring might help reduce this amount.

Current state

Firmware currently displaying images, text and working with and without full-display updates. Awesome hacks with partial waveforms creating interesting greyscale effects . .

MicroPython tests with I2C expander succeeded.


SHA Rev0.1.0

SHA Rev0.0.1 Dev


Current issues

  • MicroPython port does not yet support hardware interrupts
  • Touch Controller needs debugging
  • Ideal diode & charger IC need to be tested / fixed


  • Proof of concept by september - e-paper DONE
  • PCB prototype ordered by september - DONE
  • December - working dev prototype DONE
  • February - full badge test boards DONE
  • March - Start mass production (design / parts finalized before this time)